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MiElan #150 Central Region


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We are a fairly new team with four drivers and a mechanic racing a 1990 Mazda Miata. We have our first full year of racing under out belt

which went very well. Only a few bumps along the way and a grand finally exit at our last race of the year. Seems rod #4 wanted an early exit

at 6hrs and 58 minutes at NCM. Sure was a bang and a lot of smoke.

We started the year in Hastings with a 12hr followed by a 6hr, in the 12hr we had to do some mid day repairs when the youngster hit the tire wall

at about 70mph. Seems we needed a new radiator and some metal straightening. We finished both races and had a great first weekend. After a couple

months we headed north to Brainerd and ran a double seven and again only a couple little hick-ups and finished both. During both the team was getting better and better with all four drivers turning laps within a couple seconds of each other. The last race was NCM and with high hopes of a great race we started about mid pack on the first seven and as the day went along we keep turning laps and before we knew it we were up to 7th and working toward 6th. Wow a chance for a top

10 finish! Well that kind of went away when the rod went away but we still ended with a 13th. It was a great year of learning for us and we have taken time this winter to build a new motor and then a second for a spare which I hope will sit in the trailer and not be needed. 

New year will start as last with our first race at Hastings, then back to NCM followed by Gingerman. If all goes well we will make the October at Road America.


As for the team name well when Mazda built the Miata they copied one of the early dream Lotus cars, the Elan. Team name is part of both.


The team consists of four drivers who have had some years of driving in solo and some chumpcar. One is a national EM solo champion, Jeff Christianson.

The other three are my sons, Aaron, Patrick and Matthew and all have done solo and raced with a currently running Alfa team. Me, well just an old mechanic

wrench with a few years of building and restoring cars as my hobby Mark Doubet.


We have high hopes for this year and look forward to driving with fellow racers.



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