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Black Magic Motorsports Dodge Neon #257

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I started running in chumpcar at the vir 24hr race in 2013, shortly after changing job positions from a traveling position for 5 years to something that gave me my weekends back. I rented a seat in the neon and i was hooked after that.

After the race the owner of the neon told me he wanted to sell it, felt the car was uncompetitive and was ready to build something that was. I bought the car race ready with a spare for every part for less than many people spend on a cage, he was ready for it to be gone.

Since it was already race ready i spent the winter chopping up the car, removing dead weight and cleaning up the whole thing. It was a few hundred lbs overweight. My race engineering skills must have paid off, the previous owner even rented a seat back for the jersey race where we finished 3rd. Previous best finish for car was 20th, we had several top 5's in 2014.

The as raced value on the car in 2014 was 320 points, and under 2015 rules would be in the low 200s. Expect some changes for 2015, power being major shortcoming of the car now.

I am one of those unique situations where the car picked me (based on fate and price), i am not a mopar, fwd or neon guy at heart, and i had to learn the platform. The previous owner and internet helped a ton.

Looking foward to seeing several of you guys at east events in 2015. 12hr vir will be first race of year and debut of our new package.



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