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NJMP race report and other stuff


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First off, I wanted to say thanks to all of the Chump Staff, corner workers, and NJMP personnel.  This entire weekend seemed to go off without a hitch.



We went to this race with the intention of doing soem tire testing (results to be published on here later) AND to burn off some DOV in the 2 hour enduros.



There was only 1 other car in our class.  The Grey and Red Neon of team Black Magic Motorsports!



We had EPIC battles all weekend.  We were faster in the corners and they had WAY more motor.  We passed each other 1 to 2 times per lap almost every lap. 


Some reliability issues came up for us and for them during the weekend.  If not for the reliability issues I would think that every race would have finished nose to tail.  Crazy!



I do have to apologize for my move into the hard left hander in race 5.  I locked up the brakes and didn't get slowed in time to avoid contact.  I pulled into the pits at that point because I didn't need to drive you that hard at that point.  I am sorry!  That seemed like a WAY bigger hit than it apparently was.


I would also like to apologize for my team mate making contact with you in the last turn.  He felt he could make the inside line work.  As I understand it he saw an opening and went for it.  He figured you would give racing room if he was inside you (Note:  I DID NOT SAY HE COMPLETED THE PASS.  It is the passing cars responsibility to complete a clean pass).



One thing I realized this weekend:


There is a rule in Chumpcar that it is the passing car's responsibility to make a clean pass.  I don't think the rules say anything about leaving racing room.  Therefore, you need to be SUPER aggressive to get passes made in a sprint race.  If you are not aggressive, you will end up playing follow the leader.



Sprints are WAY more aggressive and stressful than endurance racing!  I am not sure I could get used to the stress level of doing that all the time.



P.S. Some other people raced too.  It was pretty exciting stuff.  I will let other teams tell their stories!

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Hey Rob I just happened to be sitting outside of the last turn when your teammate had contact with the neon. He had a lane on the bottom and went for it and the neon moved down trying to block and there was contact. The neon did a great job of saving it and I don't think your driver did anything wrong. There are some drivers that will fight for every position even in a 24 hour race. I see no point in this unless you are fighting for the win in the closing laps. That said I thought both teams put on a great show. Hillbilly

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Thanks for the insight!  Our Driver was pretty sure it was the other teams fault....  Until he thought about it.  Then he thought it was entirely his own fault.......  Until he thought about it.  In the end, it sounded like a racing incident where the pass was not completed cleanly but no racing room was given either.


No harm no foul.  I will look forward to racing close with Black Magic Motorsports in the future!


Rob R.



P.S.  The brake lockup and resulting punt in race 5 was entirely my fault.

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Dont be too sorry, we were both looking for a hard tough fight and got it. That stufff happens and small taps are no big deal. I would rather have light cotact than have you not race me hard. That is why no one should bring a showcar and expect to race hard. Even the big hit didnt leave a noticable (new) dent. We knew it was just part of being agressive, and as the lower powered car you have to be. We used to live that.

I think the hankooks gave up more than your toyos. We use 185 dunlop (those were used to start) vs the 225 you have so we tend to notice heat more, but you would lose time after you slid with hankook, the toyo just seemed to love it. No idea on wear but i would think they are hot ticket in sprint. Wider is in our future....

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1/2 the fun I had this weekend was watching you two chasing each other around (and trying to catch you).  I was particularly proud that we shut the C-class boys out of the top 6 (top 5 if you pull out the EC car) at Friday nights 2hr race.  All that talk about beemers, and they couldn't catch 2 mazdas and a neon  :D .  


Flame suit on  :ph34r:

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NJMP ChumpCar Sprints with ChampTruck was a totally different type of event, without losing the feel and flavor of what we've come to expect. Leveraging the significant amount of paddock space available at the Lightning facility, the support vehicle parking was nicely organized. The big trucks were on display and getting a nice bath before each race, so they could look tip top for the spectators. Yes, spectators! The trucks were big and cool with kids getting autographs and pictures with their favorite drivers.


The chump cars were in the next row where all of those spectators could walk through on their way back and forth from the stands and food vendors. Yes, I said vendors with an “s.†Tacos, falafel, brisket, pulled pork, water ice, pizza and the best cheese steaks south of Philly. Even the gale force winds and a little spilled mustard on Friday didn’t scare them away.


Friday was for tech, practice and getting a feel for what seemed like a crazy session schedule. If not for the wind, it would have been a beautiful day. No one even tried to put up a tent or canopy. The evening mini enduro started off and it was immediately obvious that there were going to be several races within the 2 hour event. Several different classes including exception class (EC) battled without major incident. Running up front were SIC Racing(EC), who managed to stay in front of Team McQueen's V-8 Nissan 240SX by turning times consistently in the 1:16s. With about 30 minutes to go when the Team McQueen Nissan took the lead.


Saturday started out with a qualifying session for 25 minutes. The fast lap of each class determining the starting order for the first sprint race an hour or so later. In less than 10 minutes #295 of Team McQueen turned a time of 1:15.873. Black Magic, Ghetto Motorsports, 908 Motorsports, DriveGear, Shumacher Taxi and Sinical Too all turned times in the low 1:20s.


Throughout the rest of the day you could watch big trucks drifting in the corners, some races close others spread around the track as drivers appeared to be learning more about the enormous vehicle and their tire adhesion. The schedule was nearly to the minute and amazingly, no on track problems that caused any loss of track time. Of course there’s always the law of attrition when it comes to chump cars, so some cars were on and off track several times throughout the day. By the time the evening mini enduro came around, 20 cars were ready to take the green flag. SIC Racing and Drunken Squirrel Racing ran nose to tail for a full hour of solid 1:18 lap times while Team McQueen worked to eliminate their margin of victory laps from the night before. The polar opposite of cars facing off in nearly every race were the #566 Ghetto Motorsports RX7 and the #257 Black Magic Neon. These two traded position at least once or twice every lap and sometimes some paint in the process, but never made a move that could be even vaguely considered malicious.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to work on your car with a constant stream of people walking around, taking pictures and asking you questions all day, Sunday would have taken you by surprise. It certainly surprised me. I’m not talking the throngs of people found at Harbor Freight on a Saturday tent sale, but definitely a steady flow of curious bystanders that want to see what kind of car they just watched running on the track. There’s nothing like a good four or six wheel drift in any vehicle to get people’s attention and there were plenty to go around.


I highly recommend you take the time check out a sprint race and or ChampTruck event the next time you have the opportunity!

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^ Well said!


Many people came up to us and the Black Magic Motorsports to tell us how awesome and close the racing was to watch between us.




I will say that I still have a bit of a negative feeling about the weekend due to the stupid move I tried to make on the Neon in the left hander after the bridge.  It was not my normal type move and the brake lockup caught me WAY off guard.  We should have put our other driver in the car for the last stint, but I was mad at myself and had a 7 hour drive home.


We will see yall at WGI!

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Other driver of the Black Magic Neon here.

The hit on the last turn during the first race Sunday was definitely just a racing incident, and no hard feelings, but I definitely did not move over to block. I was running the line I always do when exiting that turn.

Anyway, it was a blast battling with the RX-7, and if I had been a little smarter about my next lap after the hit I probably could have continued to battle with you. However, I went into the carousel like normal and my now super hot left rear tire didn't like that :)

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