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R5 is a Denver, Colorado based endurance race team of four teammates.

2014 was our first year racing - for three of the team, ever and one used to race (gasp!) motorcycles. We are based out of Denver, Colorado and so far have raced in 2 Chump races with the plans for 2 more Chump in 2015. Currently we drive a 1984 RX-7 which is a great car, but we feel that we could use a little more power under the hood. We've got the racing bug!

We're all around the same age, all dad's and husbands, so getting time to play with the car, or be in the car isn't as often as we would like. Some of us had never met the other team mates until we were handing cash over to the last cars owner.

Our current and 1st car is a 1984 RX7, which we have done a lot of work to. It's a great car, and has performed really well for us, but we would like to possibly find something with a little more power.

Our car earned the name "The Hornet" mostly due to it sounding like a bee / hornet buzzing. Anyone that has been around a track RX7 can confirm this.

Our Facebook page is; https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoHornetRaceTeam and you can get the whole story there, with all the details.

We are looking forward to our first race this year @ MPH - Yea George!




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