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Thunder Hill May 23-24


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Great racing out there Chumps!

Good to see you all enjoyed the new and improved Thunder Hill track configuration.

Also Thank you to all the drivers for being so well behaved, no contact or any major incidents.

Saturdays results are posted at:


Or you can download them from google at:



Looking forward to more racing tomorrow!

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This track is amazing. I have been at a lot of tracks and I think Thunder Hill is the best by far. I was truly disappointed to see such a low car count at such a stunning track. The racing was very clean specially compared to reckless events LeMon's puts on there. And as always the chumpcar staff was great. 


Just a few nit picky things i would love to see improved:

  • Transponder setup that picks up cars in the pits. I know this hurt everyone but it really limits strategic options and forces cars to stay out with issues they should resolve in the pits. 
  • Better supplemental rules and event info. I know of many teams that did not realize there was a chumpcar endurance race going on here. Honestly I think it might be a time for an overhaul of the website in general. Something more interactive maybe a map of all the events and a calendar page? 
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We (Mediocre Motoring) had an absolute blast out at Thunderhill and despite the long tow down from Seattle and back, we'd totally brave that again just to run the middle-hill configuration.


Huge thanks to SHIFT for letting us buy their spare motor and raid their parts bin to get us back out there.

Thanks also to the 5150 gang for being great competitors and stand-up guys for feeding us and eventually bringing us some beers while we thrashed on the motor swap. You guys kept our spirits up for sure.


I'd also second the "pit punishment" thing as that screwed us toward the end of the race, but overall we had a great time racing and absolutely adored the track config. Thanks for a great weekend, Chumps!



Mediocre Steve

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Chumps, we had an awesome weekend !!!  (blue/purple ish #338 miata)


Saturday - blew the engine, in 6th place

Sunday - in 6th place, 1.5 hours to go, one of our drivers forgot to brake over 9,  blew out tires, broke steering, engine mounts


Actually it was the same guy, he's now on probation with out team :-)


I was impressed with the speed of the other cars and driver skills, clean racing, super fast days,   We need to find some HP for our Miata :-)

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