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MotorSportMedia Photo Highlights @ Daytona 14 Hour

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First off great event as always. Huge thank you to those who ordered photo packages from the race We are mostly sorted now and will begin uploads tonight with all slated to be delivered by Wednesday. Those that pre-ordered can reply to fultillment emails with their choice of poster print. We are extended all post sale orders to include a free poster print as well! Below is a link to our highlight galleries which includes a small sample of the thousands of images we have from Daytona. Contact and Ordering details are in the second link.


Highlight Gallery - http://www.msmtrackdays.com/highlight-galleries/


Daytona Ordering Info - http://www.msmtrackdays.com/new-products/photo-package-chumpcar-daytona-may-24th


Thanks, again! Cannot wait until next year. Up next we will head to the West Coast, Mid West and then back to the Southeast!





18098189812_53e6857d35_b.jpgHighlightFPP_15 by Halston Pitman | MotorSportMedia, on Flickr

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Honestly my favorite car. It is a new build? When I saw you guys tow in while we were waiting in line I said "Dang I think that is a 245 Volvo. We should build one. Look how awesome it looks."

This was our 3rd race.. Still have some work to improve the car's performance and reliability but it was still lots of fun. When pushed the car could run mid 1.50's but we were trying to conserve the brakes and tires so low 2 min laps were the norm for us.



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This picture is like a whose who of ChumpCar racing...


1. The Shark

2. E Racing

3. Flatout Racing

4. The Pontiac w/ the Wing

5. RBank Saab car (does this one go by Tired Iron Repair???)

6. Happy Moose

7. SRI Green Car

8. LowenBrau Porsche BMW

9. Cone Crushers

10. Another SRI Car

11. I think that's a little blue miata behind the 300zx

12.Not sure who the black car is in the back

13. the Mercedes...  

14. white car in the top left, is that a 80s model 300zx?

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