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Daytona Lost and Found

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Ok one more Daytona thread...



Most all Sunday there was (3pc) pit equipment of another team placed/practically intermingled with our stuff at the rear of our open trailer(located near the AWOL tent), being the team wheeler-dealer and with no discussion, all of our team quietly thought to themselves I must have bought the stuff, I thought something different, either way we now improperly have more things then we started out with.


This is going to be the start of "What are you missing after Daytona"



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 "What are you missing after Daytona"

My friendship with your team... (sorry for "him" again)

You can not mourn something never lost, we all know racing hard for podium can temporarily raise blood pressure. All is water under the bridge.


"He" Mark did nothing more wrong then drive hard!

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Not related to the tools but I'm missing a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets (sunglasses)... Black frames and grips, shiny black polarized lenses (they say polarized on them)... I lost them on Saturday in the blue garages either in the bathroom by tech (changing into my suit to fit the a seat) or as much as I'd hate to say it someone might have grabbed them in our garage (12)...


Just thought I'd give it a shot. If anyone found them I would be really grateful

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