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Roebling Lap Results

Guest TroubleOnWheels

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Guest TroubleOnWheels

BEFORE YOU GO CLICKY CLICK ON THOSE LINKS: as has been acknowledged, we had some timing issues at Roebling Road. The computer and decoder missed some laps due to wildly noisy wiring on the part of the track, and at one point an intermittent computer lock-up. The ChumpCar team was aware of the problems from the get-go, and were diligent at watching the timing system for any blips and correcting them by manually adding laps to a teams count. I am very confident we accounted for 99% of the errors.

So, when you're looking at your teams lap times, if there is an unexplained 3 minute or 4:30 minute lap, that is why. You will also notice that the total number of laps accounted for in the lap charts is different than your final lap count - thus the manually added laps, in conjunction with the bonus/charity/penalty laps. During the race and at the end of race I double checked all our corrections and believe them to be correct.

Anyway, I hope you all use this data for enjoyment of seeing how fast your lap times were.


Roebling Saturday

Roebling Sunday

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