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May 2015 Watkins Glen International Photos - JPM Media


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Hello friends,


I first want to apologize for the for it taking me this long to get things processed from the Watkins Glen ChumpCar event back in May. I am photog by hobby/business, but run a engineering ride development and suspension tuning business here in Fort Wayne, IN called Hoosier Performance Engineering. We have a track car that we compete with, and as our GM and Marketing Guru - I have had several events from the shop to manage plus life events with my 9 year son who is very passionate in swimming and I shoot photography at all his meets.


I want to send a big thank you to Tyler and his team Crank Yankers Racing for giving me accommodations, food, drinks, and continued friendship at the event. Probably would never been able to come if it were not for you sir! Next I would like to thank WGI personal and security for the venue and their hospitality on site as a photog, was a little loud starting out in the first few minutes, but after a conversation I got things figured out to keep them from being nervous. Lastly, thanks to ChumpCar & ChumpCar Canada for your great attitude and hard work at the event. Without you - no event huh?  Awesome job and look forward to future events with your.


Enough words, time for photos!


This link (http://www.jpmmedia.com/Motorsports/ChumpCar-Events/2015-EVENTS/Watkins-Glen-International-May) will take you to everything I took. I have it organized the best way I could and I made sure I gave you enough options of photo types to choose from. I am only one guy!  I do not run a big business, so there probably is a couple duplicate type photos ;) I shot the event with my Nikon D5100 with primarily my 55-300mm lens. Trying to get the best spots on an unfamiliar venue was challenging the first day. Not having the proper media credentials to get up with flag stations was frustrating to, but I think we have a great amount of value here for your event.


If you have questions, comments, etc - let me know. Content information is on my site and I check it regularly.


I wish you all the best to you and yours and a great 4th of July weekend!!



Jason Massey

Owner of Productions by JPM Media


#jpmmedia | @jpmmedia


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Hi Jason,


To download a Hi Res pic to print we need to pay $10 for the personal license? It doesn't have the watermark right? Thanks




This is correct.  Watermark is for online protection only. Let me know if you find any issues.

Thanks for the question and checking out the album!!


Cheers, Jason

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Nice photos!  Wish we were at WGI.




Thanks for the kind words!!


Dang those are some sweet shots Jason!  Thanks


Thanks Justin - been really working hard to improve!


Great pics, Jason. I hope we cross paths again.


Thanks a ton for the kind words!!  I am sure we will ;)

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Awesome photos Jason! Thanks for helping out and coming on the road trip. You were a lot of help crewing as well. A good guy to have on your team for sure! I hope you're coming to Gateway!


Thanks bud - I will be at Gateway for sure!!

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