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Las Vegas Motor Speedway


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What a GREAT race. I wish we would have had more racers but I want to thank all theat were there. You guys did a GREAT job. I have to say, for a track that all the "little" cars didn't want to race, you guys sure showed the big cars how to get it done. After this race, I would say the momentum cars don't need to worry about the Las Vegas Roval since the entire podium was filled with small cars. This weekend was my first time around the track and even though you run almost the entire outside oval, the inside really makes it up to the small cars. The outside is FAST! I would say that it is the fastest top speed track in the west for us Chumps and you can really see how fast your car will go! If you guys want to have a great experience of speed and a technical track, make sure you plan for the Las Vegas motorspeedway ROVAL event for next year!


Thank you all for being part of our Chump Family!

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Team UPS here (brown MX3, no windscreen). Some random notes from us:

- 104' at Green. Absolutely terrible waiting in the paddock while it was hovering at 106' from noon to 5:45P.


- Gate to the pit didn't open until 15 minutes before driver's meeting. Thankfully we had a good support crew and got our pit up and ready in those 15 minutes, but we felt for the other teams who may not have had the support or the organization.


- No lap times or car positions until 2:00a or later (seven hours into a 13hr race). This didn't help our strategy in how we were going to run our stints... ultimately it didn't matter.


- We could max out at 120mph around the oval. This was gear/rpm limited.


- The oval lights were amazingly awesome. They went away though, which was understandable considering the cost. Our driver said it felt like he was in a pro series driving by all the lights on the oval. Plus, inside road course was well lit from the oval lights. Pit lights were great for pit stops and such. 


- Tinted visor made my stint especially fun. Had we had a windscreen, it wouldn't have been too bad... Failure on my part for not bringing a clear visor. Best part was trying to figure out my turn in on the oval at 115mph.


- As I was coming into the brake zone for the turn into the inner road course from the oval, I had a CV axle failure. That caused the car to shoot sharp right, headed towards the wall. at 115mph. That was an experience. Axle somehow mended itself enough to let me get back to the pits. 


- Our next stint had our driver experience the same thing, except it rendered our car immobile, about 100' past a corner station. In the dark. The corner station did not see our stopped vehicle. From the pits, we had to flag a pit marshal down to radio to the flag station that we had a stuck vehicle. 


- We failed to bring a spare axle, and couldn't find one locally. Ended up with our first and only DNF of the 8 or so races we've done. I'm guessing we were in contention for 2nd place prior to the failure, but have no clue where we stood during the race. 


Notes about other teams:

- That Trans Am looked and sounded great! I'm not even a fan of that generation of cars... but, very nice indeed!


- The MR2 moved very very well! Was caught off guard how quick it was!


- RX7 and MR2 probably competed for the brightest headlamps! :)


- Our friend's in the dark grey BMW took 6th in their first chump car race (Bros' MW). Very happy for them, considering we do a lot of track days with a few of them.


- Very clean, very courteous race! Lots of room to play likely helped out. 

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Thanks Mschiap!!!  It was a wild night, thats for sure!  We were not the fastest but we only had to make a 20 minute pit stop to replace a right front wheel bearing. So being on track is what made the win!  Team 161 is another miata team, first race I think? I have never seen them before. Not the fastest but never had an issue!


Bill is right, I was very unsure how our car would do on the Roval but it was GREAT!!  happy to say I ate my words with a smile on my face!

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414 Hakuna Miata driver here. It was my first time Chumping it and boy, what a race!


I previously only had HPDE experience on a few Southern California tracks in my CRX which was nice, but decided I didn't like the high speed tracks because well... I scared the poop out of myself on the big boy turns with the little 5.5" wheels at 115mph. I had spent many years setting up the CRX for my comfort level on the street and thought it would do great on the track. It's the perfect car for throwing around tight low-speed twisties, but this was a whole new ballgame and I felt inadequate after fighting to stay on the track around the banked turns. I've since participated in pit crew a few times and felt like maybe that was where I belonged - not on the track.


I was financially able to join Hakuna Miata for driving this race this time, and I'm so glad I did! We had an alternator failure during the first stint which cut mine (2nd) short, but once I got back on the track later in the morning, I found my groove and shaved seconds off my lap time. As the sun was about to peak over the horizon, I was pulling in my best laps and having great fun competing with the rest of the field. I was pushing the Miata almost to its limits but on most of the turns I knew I hadn't found it yet. Blown away by how much better the experience was than my previous track days. I felt like I could be competitive and my on-track confidence has grown immensely.


Our team did great for only having three guys there! Working in the pits is always the best team building and bonding experience.


Congratulations to the finishers and thank you to the amazing event organizers and volunteers. I appreciate the slightly lax (from what I'm used to) feeling of the event, and appreciate almost all the other team drivers for the good clean racing.



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Great race! This track is so much fun, I'm really surprised the entry list was so short. People, you are missing out! This track is wonderful!


On the way to the track I had a blowout on my trailer just outside Baker. The 3-ton jack I had with me was not enough to lift the trailer while it was full of tools and the car, so I ended up pulling it off the road over some dirt, jacking it as far as I could, then digging a hole under the dead tire to get it off and the spare in place. That was fairly exciting on the side of the highway in 111 degree heat. I think I drank about a gallon of water and sweated it all out during the 45 minutes it took to change the tire. Unfortunately, that was not to be our only tire problem for the weekend.


During our second stint we sheared a lug nut stud and the car lost its right rear wheel. Fortunately it happened no where near any concrete barriers and the car just came to a stop. It took a while for the recovery team to get the car onto a flatbed since it couldn't be rolled on just three wheels, and then it took us two hours to replace the entire hub assembly and unbend some sheet metal. In the end we were 59 laps behind Miata PI, but we still had a blast. We had made some suspension adjustments before this race and (with all 4 wheels on the car) it was handling better than it ever has. Apparently we have finally found a great set of compromises. I set a 1:56.0 during my last stint, which was just delightful. Another team we're good friends with had severe electrical issues which put their car out permanently, so we offered one of their drivers the final stint of the race in our car. He proceeded to go out and beat my best lap by over three seconds in a car he'd never driven before. It is clear that I need some professional driving instruction!


As always, Bill and Sandi were wonderful. The timing and scoring snafu was horrible (FedEx lost the box with the timing decoder after the race at Gingerman, then found it, then lost it again), but Bill managed to borrow one from the guys carting on the next track over.....as soon as their event was done. So we had no timing at all until several hours into the event. They had to hand score the race until the decoder was plugged in, which likely made the low car count a blessing in disguise. Good on Bill for figuring out a solution despite the missing equipment!


Congrats to Miata PI! There were not enough dead brake rotors for the all the trophies to be welded to, so Miata PI donated one. At the end of the race, they won their rotor back. Delightful!


Hopefully we'll be back in October for the combination sprint/endurance race on the outside road course!

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We had a challenging yet great weekend. We started off by losing a wheel bearing on the tow ambulance before we were even out of LA. Made some parts store runs and fixed it on the side of the road in a neighborhood that seemed a little less than secure. Got back on the road and all seemed to be going well until we blew a tire. Fixed that and finally made it to Vegas significantly later than we had planned.


The track was a ton of fun. Entering the turn at the end of the front straight doing 115 after losing all night vision from the pit lights was interesting the first time. Like a few teams, we were at our self-imposed RPM limit not long after we got on the oval, so I think a different transmission might be in order if we race the roval again. The car ran well for the first five hours of the race until we broke a CV joint. Didn't bring a spare with us and none at the 24-hr parts stores, so we packed up and went home.


On the positive side, our cooling problems seem to have been remedied. 104 degrees at race start and I don't think our temperature gauge ever moved passed its standard operating temp. We are very happy with how our car did. Still a bit of tuning to be done and we might need some heat shielding on the firewall, but at this point I think the main improvement to be made is between the seat and steering wheel. The one driver we have with experience seemed to be able to stay with pretty much everyone, so hopefully the rest of us can improve enough to actually make for a competitive team.



P.S. - I'm not sure if we were blinding everyone or not, but based on Kam's comment above I think our lights were pointed right at everyone's rearview mirrors. I know not a lot of light was getting to the ground. Sorry about that.

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P.S. - I'm not sure if we were blinding everyone or not, but based on Kam's comment above I think our lights were pointed right at everyone's rearview mirrors. I know not a lot of light was getting to the ground. Sorry about that.

I think it was with every car... it didn't help that I had a tinted visor that scattered the headlamps even more. I just remember your team and the RX7 having really good lights that helped with our limited lighting.

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Here's some almost completely unedited video. It's not too exciting since there were only 7 cars on track at the time, but you do get to see a nice sunrise.



(singing) .... All By MYSELF.....


Too funny :)


Being a Queen fan, I went with Freddie Mercury's "Living On My Own". :)

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