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The PBIR New Years 18 & 38


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Here we go, tomorrow starts the longest continuous road race!


 John is on hand as well as Mike C., Phil, head of tech, and a couple other staff we rarely see down here.


I will start with the most important, FUEL!   

Most everyone drove by the Shell gas station 3 miles east of the track, same place Dog mentioned as having fuel available via CC @ the pumps after their closing time. Having been there several times today I asked about this after hours phenomena, the answer was a solid NO " we turn the pumps off @ 9pm when the station closes" prepare in advance. Oh, hold on to your wallet, premium 93 is $3.09.9


 A nice and sunny day for setup & 2016 early tech, as of right now temperatures are slowly sinking below 75f B)


Please someone take the ball and run with updates, busy day ahead and we are one laptop short.<_<


See everyone at the drivers meeting 7am



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1 hour ago, TaTaRacer said:

Randy Pobst is in the Shark #19. You can follow him on Race Monitor 


1 hour ago, jcozine said:

And...he immediately put down the fastest lap of the race so far, a 1:34.630


On another topic, it looks like the Floridiots are in a good position to win the B class, congrats to those guys

Consistent too! Every lap below 1:40

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