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John Allen Special USFail1 Chumpcar Team

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Welcome to the biography of the John Allen Special USFail1 Chumpcar team! We are a TWO-TIME Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series "Spirit of ChumpCar" award recipient.




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Based in Atlanta, GA the team has been campaigning BMW E30s since its inception in December 2011. What started out as daydreaming and "what-ifs" during local car meets has evolved in to a full-blown 2 car effort. The team is currently comprised of 6 full-team team members, all of which have various backgrounds.


Halston Pitman - Team Owner/Photographer

Richard Sainato - Team Manager/Photographer

Andrew Sides - Head Mechanic

Thomas Bae - Mechanic

Chris Nelson - Mechanic

Justin Lipson - Lead Engineer



Let's go back to the humble beginnings of Team JAS....



December 2011, Team JAS takes delivery of a humble and neglected BMW 325e



Before the build, some fun was had...



2012 - Car #66





2013 - #80 is born



We even made the cover of a magazine!!



2014 - A new year, a new livery, same old #80




2015 brings the start of Team JAS expanding to a 2-car effort, through a generous donation, the team receives a 2nd BMW E30



#80, reimagined..



#80 shares the track for the first time with her little sibling, #46




Unfortunately, at Sebring, the original #80 meets an untimely end




2016 - Another year, another build, the new #80, to carry on the legacy



And from the ashes, like a phoenix, #80 rises



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Wow - what a shame.  Really beautiful car you guys had - looked like it was making good time too.  I guess they need to tell people the somewhat obvious "In a spin, two feet in (gas and clutch, of course)" in the drivers' meeting.  Both cars probably would have been fine if he had been on the brakes and sliding down track - you had a good trajectory for avoiding him

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The H1 projectors were OK, but starting in 2015 Beyond Driven Auto (www.beyonddrivenauto.com) came on board to help us out.  We now run mini-H1 bi-xenon projectors in the low beam position and LEDs in the high beam.  They're great.  We actually don't run the LEDs because the bi-xenons are so good.  Dinanm3atl will come back and show you some pics for comparison I'm sure.  We're just lucky enough that BDA uses us for their product testing.

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Very cool, It'd be awesome to see some of Halston's photos of them. Our setup leaves much to be desired and we plan on upgrading for the 2016 season.


It looks like you mounted the BDA bulb in the stock enclosure. Did you have to modify the stock low beam at all or do you get a clean cut off? Is there enough adjustment for you to get apex lighting as well as straight ahead visibility?

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Essentially it's a Bi-Xenon based projector retrofit. Included is an LED high beam. It utilizes a European Smiley Housing(Depo Variant). Tear out the guts, install adapter, projector and LED High beam. This allows all adjustments to work as intended. New 80 has this complete setup. 46 was before the complete setup was designed so the projector is mounted to the housing and then a generic sized reflector housing is put into the location. Same results, doesn't look as pretty and lacks super fine tuning of adjustments.





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Best part is Beyond Driven Auto has a host of legal upgrades and all of them are backed by a lifetime warranty. This INCLUDES track/racing. No one else does this. Assume the items aren't physically broken(obviously not going to cover actual damage) they will replace the parts.


For output.


Low Beam:




Quad Wired High Beam( All 4 at once):



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4 hours ago, LAMR2 said:


So what's the story on the RHD part of it? Japanese import that got neglected and turned into a racecar? Conversion done just because it's cool?

The shell was received configured in no-hand drive, so he decided to covert to RHD for fun.

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