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Great Lakes Racing Expo 2016 in Cincinnati

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Come join us at the Great Lakes Racing Expo on Saturday, February 20th. Here's some info from their event page as well as the link!! https://www.facebook.com/GreatLakesRacingExpo/?fref=nf


This is a one day, FREE to the public and vendors, grassroots motorsports expo geared to racers and racer’s families to give them an opportunity to see what is available to them as they look to move up into different classes and types of racing series. Also we provide vendors and racing series a spot to further promote themselves in a venue that smaller teams and family racing types can attend easily in comparison to like a PRI show or SEMA. And on top of it all , it is held at a premiere indoor karting center , with slot tracks as well as karting, food and arcade. This way the whole family has something available going on all day to keep everyone interested.

There will be 2 karting tournaments, first will be an early bird endurance race and afternoon tournament.  Here's the link (need to register by 2/12): 

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING, and you go register for the karting tournament!

Proceeds are going the charity Race Care Ministry.



Let me know if you're coming!!!


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