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Busted Axle Motorsports #87


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Busted Axle Motorsports - #87 



About Us:

Busted Axle Motorsports was started in the Fall of 2011 with four misfit car enthusiasts and a couple of VW's.  Founded in Knoxville, TN, our team consists of family, friends and co-workers. Since inception, we have competed in seven seasons of ChampCar and strive to make each season better than the last!   


Our Car:

2009 VW - Coming Soon!!  Something special! Stay Tuned

1986 VW Jetta - Race preparation completed by Busted Axle Motorsports, Cage installation by TennFab

1993 VW Fox - SOLD - Race preparation completed by Busted Axle Motorsports, Cage installation by RPM Engineering


Our Sponsors:  These guys are awesome, check em out!

Research, Design, Engineering - www.RDEfab.com

The Original Deals Gap Photographer - www.Killboy.com

VW and Audi Specialist -  www.mfauto.com

Engine and transmission fluids - Allegheny Petroleum

The best brake/fuel lines and tools - www.brakequip.com


The Team:

Shaan Mohammed - Team Captain, Driver, Crew, Mechanic

Skip Davis - Driver, Crew, Mechanic, Resident Electrical Guru

Josh Mohammed - Driver, Crew, Mechanic, Resident Body Repair Specialist

John Montgomery - Driver, Crew, Mechanic, Resident VW Expert

Matt Ford - Driver, Crew, Mechanic,  Resident VW Guru/Owner of MF Auto



5th - Gateway Motorsports Park

3rd - Gateway Motorsports Park

1st - NCM

4th - Mid Ohio

9th - Pittsburgh International Raceway Chumpionship

Champ Award - Pittsburgh International Raceway

Numerous Top 10's


Current Season:  2018 

TBD - Car currently has blown engine and we are building a new car for 2019!



We have to thank our friends and family who support us. We have an excellent support group of friends and family that have allowed us to stay at their houses, raid their refrigerators, store cars and parts in their garages, miss birthdays (or anniversaries :ph34r:), and drink their beverages.  Seriously...we have to thank them, or they may not let us do any of it again.  



photo credit: Sharif - www.forgedperformance.com



Photo Credit: Darryl Cannon - www.killboy.com



Photo Credit: Darryl Cannon - www.killboy.com


ROad Atlanta '16-3.jpg

Photo Credit: Darryl Cannon - www.killboy.com



Photo Credit: Darryl Cannon - www.killboy.com

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On 2/24/2016 at 8:37 AM, flyinglizard said:

Nice car. V6?  Do you have my book? 


On 2/28/2016 at 2:03 PM, The Goose said:

Are you guys going to be at VIR this weekend ?



Wow, sorry guys.  I didn't expect anyone to reply to the profile page so I haven't checked it for any comments.  

The Jetta has been VR6 swapped and  I don't believe we have your book flyinglizard

Goose- we didn't make it the spring VIR event but we will be at the Chumpionship at the end of the year. Our next race will be NCM followed by COTA.  We may pick up another race between COTA and the Dec. VIR race but I am not sure yet. 

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I do have some video but it'll be a little while before I can sort through it.  We just got a new camera from one of our sponsors (killboy.com <----shameless plug) that we were trying out and it only recorded the first 2.5 hrs of the race.  We should have it dialed in next race and be able to record the majority of a race if not the whole thing. 


We have been building our own axles using JY VW shafts and new ends.  So far we have had decent luck when our hubs are in good condition. 

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It's been a little while since I've updated this page.  We blew our motor during the 2017 AMP Race and I moved across the state at the same time.  We are still around and I have been picking up rides with other teams and volunteering at different races. 


We are currently in the process of swapping a new engine into the MKII and have plans for a new car slated for a 2019 debut! 

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