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Triple Apex Racing (West)


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Who: Identical twin brothers Ian and Mario Korf plus several drivers we are proud to call teammates (in order of appearance): Derek Stotz, Daniel Melters, Thomas Ulrich, Ben Dawson, David DeFlyer, Bill Manofsky, Ivan Stroganov, Jim Bauman, and Jason Ross. We've also had several one-event drivers, some of whom we would love to have back and others we'd rather not.


What: We like budget endurance racing regardless of who is running the show. Historically, we've run more races with the other organizations. Our team has run under a variety of names with an MR2 and Miata (Team Babel, Lamborarri, Can't Am, Royal Mail, Iron Flutterby).


When: We have been racing since 2012 when Mario uttered the words, "it's only $500 per car". Divided 6 ways, it seemed a bargain at $83 each...


Where: Triple Apex Racing is based in Davis, California, which is near Sacramento and not far from San Francisco. Well, at least that's where the car is. Some of the team members are thousands of miles away because people change jobs and stuff.


Why: I think everyone has their own reason for doing this. None of them are particularly responsible.


How: Our current car is a 1997 Mazda Miata that is kept very close to stock to simplify maintenance. It weighs about 2000 lbs empty. Here is the list of non-OEM parts on the car.

  • Roll cage built by Evil Genius
  • Fire protection from Racing Fire Systems
  • Ultrashield seat bolted to floor and seat brace
  • NRG V3 quick release hub with Nardi steering wheel
  • 3.5 x 2.5 slab of aluminum for the roof (yay, no arm restraints)
  • Koni STR.T suspension with cut stock springs
  • Flyin Miata extended ball joints
  • Suspension setup: -3° front, -1.5° rear, 0/16 toe
  • StopTech street/performance brake pads (last about 20 race hours) and whatever rotor is cheapest at the local parts store
  • 15x7 or 14x6 wheels with whatever 205/195 width 200 treadwear tire is on sale (205/50/15 RT615K is most common)
  • Cone filter
  • Home-made cold box
  • LED apex lights and Piaa motorcycle beam lights
  • RumbleStrip lap timer
  • Mobius Action camera (64G card shoots 10.5 hours)



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