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Junk Player Special #500

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Our Jetta is a 5 time other racing series 24 hour Veteran. It even finished all the races. So we literally dragged it out of the back 40, replaced a lot of stuff and now we are back to race Chumpcar. Most of our drivers have been racing for decades, but we will also be open to getting fairly new racers out there as well. You might recognize the names Jeffrey Arendas,  Ashley Ervin and Glenn C Cranston, have done multiple Chumpcar events in the past. Chip Vance, and Chip Holst come from Vintage racing both of them race 914's. Then we have the Nelson Ledges track rat kids, Thomas Benham, Bryan Bartzi, and John Hinkle who have grown up with race cars and SCCA racing.


I have been racing since 1987 in SCCA with either the ITB VW Rabbit, or GT-3 in my 914, or GT-2 in my 914-6.  Most of the time Jeff and I will be on the drivers list, and the remaining slots will be filled by the rest of the guys as their budgets allow.


Don't think we will be running for trophys much, but we will be serious about having fun. 

test 2.jpg


test 11.jpg

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