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Pares Motorsports (NJ)

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Pares Motorsports is a team based out of Northern New Jersey.  We have been involved in practically every form of racing possible including karts, hydroplanes, Nascar modifieds, Drag racing, auto x, and Now endurance racing.  We currently field  a 99 Camaro.




After years of building 4th gen Camaros for 1/4 mile duty, our large stockpile of 4th gen parts made it the natural choice for our chumpcar build (that and this car was free).  The car was built and debuted at Charlotte 2015.  The car was built with no additions so we could race it once and see where it needed the most imrovement before deciding how to spend our points on improvements.  The plan was to race the car more in 2015 but life got in the way.




The car has been completely redone for 2016 using the data gathered from Charlotte and a few track days.  We are currently entered for Watkins Glen and Charlotte this year. Will most likely do another race in the fall as well.





2016 Sponsors:

Advanced Racing Development: Motorsports engineering, design, prototype, and manufacturing services

Geforce racing chassis: Builders of the finest racing kart chassis

Quick Time Performance / AR3 Race mufflers: https://www.quicktimeperformance.com/

Bark Competition: http://georgebark.com/

Life Maid Simple: http://www.lifemaidsimple.us/



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