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Sebring Results

Guest TroubleOnWheels

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Guest BlackSheep1

Thanks Erik.

Imported the file into Excel and started manipulating the data to see what we can work on. Several things stick out:

The consistently REALLY very fast cars (ones that did many sub 1:26 laps) didn’t last long enough to finish.

The cars capable of being very fast (several laps in the 1:27 range but usually 1:30+) and not going 100% for 12 hours did much better.

The cars that were moderately fast but very consistent with even pits times were in the top 5 (3 of the cars in the top 4 only had 1 lap in the 1:27 range between all three of them.)

Seems like having a car capable of placing high in a sprint race but then dialing in back a few notches (for reliability), coming up with a solid pit strategy, and having the racing gods smile down on you would be a winning strategy for CC.

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Guest TroubleOnWheels

One question about Sebring. WTF happened with Rusty and the Benzos? I must know what happened, they should have been up front.

Baby blew a headgasket in a smokey catastrophy kind of way.

Son of lost the clutch steadily throughout saturday and didn't reappear sunday.

Oh, and the Blitzen crew as a whole won the Chumps Chump award for being the ONLY team to bring a car to six races and earn the free race!

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The Blitzen team is First Class. After 13 laps the r/r ebay brake hose blew and left us with no brakes. We soon found out nobody in Sebring stocks BMW parts. Blitzen lent us a brake hose & we got back on the track for an hour. During that driver change the other rear hose went, junk. We installed a hard line on the l/r. While bleeding the brakes the r/f went, crap. Blitzen came through again. We pieced togther 2 front hoses from their spares. Got back on the track.

Our day ended when our "pro" driver forgot it was endurance race, got brake fade & crashed into a wall.

It was another great ChumpCar race. We are looking forward to the full track next year.

Thanks from all of The Shockers #21 BMW 540

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