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Team James Bondo, TR007 is a group of fools belonging to the greatest car club in the world, Illinois Sports Owners Association, or ISOA.

We started as a other racing series team in 2011 with a TR7 convertible we bought for $1. We vastly overpaid, and promptly named her Rusty Galore.

The TR7 was the cover art for an LA Times article entitled "the 50 worst cars of all time", in which the author compared the Lucas electrical system to a "mixing board with a bong spilled on it".


After losing 3 TR slant 4 cylinder engines in a row, we converted to a Ford Ranger engine and trans, and never looked back.


When our TR7 chassis couldn't take anymore, we bought a BMW E30, and named it for SPECTRE (Same Piece of E30 Crap That Runs Everywhere). Our plan was to race it while we rebuilt the TR7, and maybe run 2 cars.


Lost the E30 clutch in the April RA race, and put it in the wall HARD at Gateway.  Now we have two cars that are out.


New goal is to get Rusty Galore back on track in October.  Stay Tuned!


4-21-22 Chump 548a5x7.jpg

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