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Castrol double 12

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Chumpcar Castrol 2016 is in the books.


So many problems....12th Saturday, dont know about Sunday. Best lap was 132.5 by the first place team and our best driver ran a 134.01 with very little boost. Cant wait to see what the car can do at full boost. Look out if it rains!


1991 Mitsu Eclipse AWD


I want to thank Geria for letting me have the time that it takes to prepare for such a big event, she is the best !


It was a great racing weekend, we had a forecast for some rain and with the Super 8 Motorsports car being a AWD car we were wanting rain. The rain didn't happen and that's ok as I was nerveous about a rain mistake and getting damage on the car.


I made some new friends this year with some last minute drivers joining the team. I couldn't have asked for nicer teammates and the effort these guys put in to keep the car on the track was amazing. The drivers were Matt Forester who deserves a special thanks for spending so much time in my shop before the race, this was Matts second event and he is really starting to get comfortable behind the wheel. Craig Ball who has been helping on the car for years and had a medical emergency and had to miss the race. Thanks to Craig's help the car has now been able to run for 28 hours on one set of tires! Mike Thorn who set fast lap for the car at 1:34 came in as a replacement driver for Craig. I think if the car was producing boost and not having problems Mike might have been able to set fast lap time for the event. Andrew Lowery was the first driver to join up when I put the word out for drivers and he was great at coming to the shop to help finish the car up prior to the race, he is also coming today to help unload. This was Andrew's second chump race and he is doing great as a driver. Aran lolo Cook was starting to run some great laps in the car when the car started to fail, I think he would have been running real fast with a bit more time in the car, Aran also came to the shop to pitch in all night. Terry Carter missed his turn Saturday due to us breaking and the lightening storm stop. Terry came to the shop Saturday late to help with the repairs knowing he wasn't coming to the track Sunday. That is so awesome to pitch in all night and not drive, lots of respect for that. The last driver Scott Brodie also came to the shop Saturday to pitch in, Scott ran two stints Sunday and ran great. Scott was the only driver really hoping to run rain laps and he just missed out as it started to rain a the end of the race. Big thanks to the drivers and their partners for make the event such a great experience, need more lawn chairs next time!


At Friday tech we found a brake line was bad, we also tried to repair the crack in the valve cover.


Saturday racing was good, the car is handling better than last year with the sway bar upgrade. The car has a problem where the boost does not build as early as it should so the car is down on power. We are not reaching full boost until after 5000 rpm where it should be 3000. It will be a rocket when we get the boost problems sorted out. We hit the shop about 6pm Saturday as we had the same failure symptoms as last year so we decided to try another motor. Saturday night we combined two motors, found a spare clutch, swapped the transmission and transfer case and turbo to the second motor. We got the car back into the trailer at 4am. While 10 hours might sound like a long time to swap a motor, this is a difficult task in a AWD turbo car and since we had to combine motor parts it took 4 hours longer than I hoped. So with 3 hours of sleep we were back at the track to do a oil change on the spare motor and set the timing. We started the race one lap down as we found a water leak while setting the timing and Scott was off for the first stint of the day. We were all nervous about the motor holing together. We lost the axle nuts and the axle popped out and we lost the trans fluid for the first mechanical, after Matt raced home for the special bolts and replacing the fluid we were back on track. We also tried to jb weld the valve cover for a oil leak. If you were at the event, the puffs of smoke in the brake zones was the valve cover spilling oil. We had the fan wires short out on the alternator. We had the oil line to turbo start spraying a mist of oil and had to do a make swap with a spare line by relocating a few parts. Lost the alternator belt, maybe from all the oil. And then later in the day we had to keep stopping to add water. My car is never going to rust as there is so much gear and motor oil over everything.


We got a 200 dollar prize for race car parts for our efforts to keep the car on the track. I might have to spend it on kitty litter and shop towels as we spilt so much fluid we used up all the supplies I brought.


Already thinking about next year.







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