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Gingerman Double-7


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Comfortably back from Gingerman now. Great event, thanks to Mike, Dan, volunteers, and the rest of the crew, everything went smoothly.


Race report:

Saturday was very wet, start delayed by lightning, we put Andrew in the car because he has some experience with both the track and wet weather (actually, we made a deal the previous night, if he was our designated driver Friday night, he would earn the opening stint). Turned out to be a good choice because he somehow managed to move us up to the top 5 despite the 1 lap MOV we started with, and no ABS!

Our new driver (but not new to Chump), Rich, was in next and kept us in the hunt. Track dried out by the time Larry got in, he raced us to first and gave me the car for the last stint with a 12 second lead over Team Sahlen - Mustard. For the next 70 minutes the gap varied from 5 to 15 seconds (I'm told) as I saw him gaining and fading in my rear-view mirror. They finally pitted with less than 20 minutes to go to add some fuel, and we cruised to the finish with Spartan taking 2nd.


Sunday was fairly uneventful, starting with 2 laps this time and dry weather all day, we were able to crawl up to third, but Team Sahlen - Ketchup put together a fantastic race and was well ahead (even if we had no laps they were too much for us on Sunday). Congrats to them.


Overall the racing was great, Gingerman is a very technical track, and I left the weekend having gained confidence in only 3 of the 11 corners (and it shows, I was roughly 3 seconds slower than our best guys!!). Our nimble car was very well suited to this track, handling and braking were spot on, and the BMW did what does and kept turning laps without a hiccup. We will definitely be back having thoroughly enjoyed our first trip here.

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Agreed, the Gingerman race was great.  Lots of fast teams, and great, clean, competition.  We have very little experience in the rain, and learned some things.  The tires we ran in the rain were terrible, and looking back we should have know better.  I was out first on Saturday and tried to stay of the way, and on track.  Surviving was a win for me.  After getting the tires changed during the second stint, we started slowly creeping up in the standings and made it to the top 10.  With the quality of teams that were running, we were pretty happy with that finish.    


Sunday brought us an extra pit stop in the first 20 minutes to try to find a nasty vibration in the drive train.  Couldn't find anything obvious so we sent Patrick back out and we lived with it all day.  I'm still dumb founded that nothing came apart.  We also had an oil leak develop on Sunday that seemed to be oiling the clutch.  When a 3/4 shift in a no power Miata  has to be made slowly to not slip the clutch something is not right.    We survived another day and worked up to 10th and felt pretty stinking good about it.  


Kudos to all the teams that raced, and especially to the Chump staff for putting on another great race!


We will be giving the car some TLC over the next couple months preparing to go to Vegas for New Years.





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Really enjoyed meeting Mike, Dan and the rest of the crew, they ran a great event. The Udder Chaos Neon lost 4th gear with 30 minutes to go Saturday and unfortunately the spare transmission we put in Saturday night wasn't up to the challenge and we were done before we even got the tires warm Sunday morning.   Guess we got 5 or so weeks to get that figured out before RA.

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