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Racebar Hampton Roads Virginia


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Racebar / Lasershark is an endurance racing team founded in 2015 from Richmond, VA. We currently have 10 members (those who have officially raced or crew chiefed with us), 8 prospective members (those who have driven the car at an drivers education event or are signed up to race with us), and 20 ish groupies who help with logistics, turn wrenches, or hang out and party with the team. Additionally, our facebook group (Racebar) currently has over 340 members and we are open to any person with an open attitude who wants to be part of a team.

    The team started with Racebar, originally a 1984 BMW 733i, and quickly added “Lasershark” (a play off of the sharknose front), originally a 1984 BMW M635CSI. Although “Lasershark” has raced almost everywhere on the east coast since the 80’s, it has not yet raced with the team in its present colors.

    As you look at racebar, every paint mark, broken metal, tape, dent, modification has a memory. This car is a treasured working piece of art to our team. Consider adding to this driving “art” by contributing your mark today. Before Aug 11th, the car will be clear coated, and whatever is on the car, will become part of the car.

    Presently, we are preparing for our first 24 hour race on August 11th at Virginia International Raceway near Danville, VA. Both cars will be racing through the night and we expect to have about 20 drivers and crew chiefs participating.



Racebar_Car_Color Render low res.jpg

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