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1996 Miata fully prepped Chumpcar for sale

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Located in Denver, Colorado but will be in Laguna Seca this weekend.  


1996 Miata will be for sale after the race this weekend.  I simply will not have time to be a car owner moving into 2017 with a job promotion and a lot more travel.  Still racing, but can't take care of a car any longer.  The car has done 18 races in Chumpcar, including three separate 24 hour Chumpcar races, one 24 hour race in WRL this last summer, and is ready for Laguna.  I'm posting this now in case anyone on the west coast is interested in taking it off my hands after the race.  Assuming nothing goes wrong at the race, it's a turnkey-ready race car!  Car is super fun, and as fast or faster than the other NA Miatas out there.  I was testing at High Plains Raceway in October and was walking the two spec Miatas there. We turned a 2:14 there.  At Nelson Ledges it was a 1:21, at The Glen a 2:26, at Summit Point Shanandoah a 1:46.5.  That's quick!  This car handles as well as my Lotus Elise!  The roof adds enough down force in the middle of the car to really make it stick.  


A little on the car:


The car is a stock 1996 somewhat rebuilt two races ago, with forced air into the stock block.  We've done a lot of testing, and this setup gets the best low end pull out of corners.  

-Aluminum radiator.

-Whiteline 22MM front sway bar.

-camber-adjustable upper A-arms, super great for adjustment track by track!

-car has been on a big diet, and is is below 2000 pounds caged without gas.  

-cage passing tech in both WRL and Chump for years.  

-non-crunchy transmission, works perfectly.

-Full fire suppression system included, the big one!

-Coolshirt box and hoses included (new in August).

-KYB GT-2 shocks

-Kirkey seat and belts (new this year) included, good through 2021.

-set of 7.5 15 inch rims

-set of Enkei 15s as well!

-new resonator

-roof net so no need for arm restraints in Chumpcar

-3rd set of 15 inch rims with sticker radial tires for optimum rain racing (might get on the car this weekend!)

-I will also include four radios and the wiring.  PTT, Nascar harness.  

-pit board and lollypop included too.  


like I said, turnkey.  Add rented transponder and gas, you'll be ready to rock and roll.  


Other goodies I will share with the perspective new owner but not publically.  Logbook in both WRL (electronic) and hard book for Chump, value at $479 currently.  It's been a great car, and has countless top tens.  It has finished every race it's been in except one.  


In addition to It will include the following parts!  holy crap do we have spare parts!


-rear diff

-brake calipers galore!



-water pump

-clutch and pressure plate

-starter, and another starter

-slave cylinder

-master cylinder

-rear right turn signal

-radiator (with fans already attached)

-another radiator!

-rear new brake rotor

-used other rotors for all corners

-used spare ball joint

-used spare hub carriers

-NIB inner and outer ball joints as well

-spare upper stock A-arms

-spare NIM KYB GR-2 shock

-spare stock shocks too

-extra coolshirt box with a small leak (should be an easy fix)

-axles (2)

-another torsen diff, not in a carrier


-plugs, plug wires

-brake pads of varied use


Asking $4500 for all of it.  Don't forget that included Coolshirt box is worth $250, the included fire suppression costs $500+.    I also have an AIM Solo that could go for an extra $250.  


In addition, my 24 foot enclosed racing trailer is for sale after the race as well.  It's a great trailer, built 2003, Classic brand, enclosed with interior vinyl siding, diamond plate flooring, a built in 6750 Watt generator, built in double tire racks which will hold 8-10 tires, cabinets lining the front and a nice counter and lower storage.  Built in winch hidden in cabinet, luckily haven't needed it in years.  There are shelves for fuel and other things as well.  Two like new spares.  Florescent lighting that runs off the generator (which powers outlets throughout the trailer) and regular lights that work off the truck plug. I will include 7 fast fill gas jugs (22 seconds to empty!) and a few extra 5 gallon jugs. 4 tie downs for the car included too. And a wagon for getting stuff to and from the pits.  It's really a loaded racing trailer, honed to our usage.  Tools not included.  Asking $6500 for the trailer with its goodies.   No pics of the trailer right now, can add later. I will be very sad to see the trailer go, but there's no reason to keep it once the car is gone.  Obviously I will not sell the trailer before the cars is sold.  


Bring a truck and buy both!  If anything goes wrong at the race, I will negotiate a discount for the repair.


Contact me at Surferjer@comcast.net.  Or ping me here.  


Miata HPR.jpg


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One prospective buyer otherwise its no longer for sale.  It's too much fun, it's the fastest Miata at Laguna this weekend and I'm not ready to end my affair with this car.   

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