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Bill Strong

Live Stream with a GoPro

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This is what ChumpCar uses in it's incar cameras that we put in some cars.
We use slightly different equipment, but it operates the same.

We currently use GoPro Hero5 Black, 26,800MA/h 3 usb port battery, Cerevo Live Shell 2 and a Verizon jetpack.




Live-streaming with RaceCast.me using a GoPro


Even the newest model of GoPro doesn’t have the capability to broadcast on its own, however, if you plug one into a live-stream encoder (like the Teradek VidiU or Cerevo LiveShell.2) via HDMI you can broadcast high-definition (up to 1080p) audio & video.


The GoPro Hero2 Pro, Hero3, 3+ and Hero 4 (Silver or Black) all have HDMI outputs and can be used.

The new HERO, HERO+ LCD and Session will not work since they do not have HDMI output ports.

Since you will be zooming around a race track, you can’t connect the encoder to the paddock Wifi (standard Wifi doesn’t have enough range for that) so to get your broadcast to the internet, you mount a Mifi Hotspot in your car. The encoder will connect to the Hotspot over Wifi and broadcast through the Hotspot using cellular data.

The basic configuration looks like this. The $639 Teradek VidiU is shown in this example, but a $299 Cerevo LiveShell 2 seems to work nearly as well.


To keep everything powered in your race car, we recommend purchasing a battery pack that gets charged from the car while it is on and provides power to the components for several hours (so your live-stream doesn’t drop during pit stops, etc when the car is turned off). Wiring diagram would be something like this:


Our favorite battery pack is the XT Power MP-10000. It offers 2 USB outputs (to power GoPro and Mifi) as well as a switchable 9/12V output (to power the VidiU).

Some of the newer battery packs cut power to the outputs while they are being charged, obviously this is a problem when used in a setup like this, so if you are looking to purchase a battery pack other than this one, please check the specs before purchasing to ensure the pack will supply power to the output ports while being charged.

The full .pdf version of our setup guide can be downloaded here.

Now get out there and STREAM THE WORLD!

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