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Radio/Communications (partial) system for sale

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Items included:

- Four Tekk NT-90 radios with rubber antenna. I've tested all four, fully functional.
- Seven operational 1650mah batteries, four Tekk and three batterydepot.com.
- Two non-operational batteries, don't seem to charge. You may be able to revive them?
- One Sampson Racing crew headset.
- Two crew headset cables for the Tekk radios, can be used with any racing radio headset.
- Two radio BNC antenna adapters.
- One radio-to-harness pigtail.
- Two car harnesses of questionable quality, NASCAR plugs. We did not get into these into too much detail, but they were random enough that we pulled them from the cars. We believe if there is a problem, it is likely with the headset plugs.
- One power strip with three charging bricks, likely the last ones available for these radios. These bricks plug into one of the plugs on the side (ear or mic?)
- Hard-sided case to contain it all.

These are not user-programmable.

What you will need to do/buy to use this:
- Troubleshoot and repair the car harness. As noted above, I think it's the headset jack but not sure.
- Helmet headset, NASCAR jack (or have it changed to IMSA)
- PTT switch


Price: $300 shipped.


PM me here or send me an email at bob@downingracing.com

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