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WTB: 1986-1997 Nissan Pickup (details inside)

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Looking for a 1986-1997 Nissan D21 Hardbody pickup, V6 2WD.

Running or not - rusted frame OK. Will be used as a donor truck, but it must have a "HGxx" code axle ("xx" is ratio - don't care what it is).

I have been told this "HG" axle MAY have come in some '96-'97 4 cylinder trucks as well, but I have not found one - if you do, I would consider it as well.

"HFxx" or "CAxx" axle code trucks won't work for out project. Axle code is on a plate on the drivers side door jam, or on the firewall towards the passenger side. Let me know if you've got one you need gone!

Yes, I know a 4x4 axle will work IF I flip the perches, no, a Frontier axle is too wide and a Pathfinder has coil springs - trying to do this the easy way if possible.
Would prefer to find one within a day's tow of central Ohio.  Or, if you spot one in a salvage yard and can check the axle code - I would settle for that for now!
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