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Duralast vs Moog?


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For your daily driver, parts store stuff is fine. For the race car go with a known name brand. The only exception would be NAPA, they seem to have better "store brand" parts then the others, but then again they are more expensive. Moog also has many different options per vehicle, parts stores might have 2 choices.

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11 hours ago, flyinglizard said:

Can you really tell me that the ball joint broke all by itself?  Without impact?  I would like to see pics and hear the rest of the story. Thanks,MM 

 Most of the parts houses get the stuff from the same places.   The Moog stuff sometimes is better some times the same. 


There is a little gap in the ball joint now, I am assuming it shouldnt be any.


No known impact.


It's not to bad but enough to notice. 

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On 1/18/2017 at 9:46 PM, flyinglizard said:

Is it loose?  or is the rubber moved? Please post a pick. Thanks,MM

 Soory about the font. not on my usual keypad.



The broken ball joint was also a Moog! Made in Japan.

No wear on rubber, looks almost new (only 3 races). But it doesn't move smooth. The new ball joint moves smooth, the broken one moves smooth except for when it's around center. It then gets stuck a little bit and I have to press harder to move it.


Maybe I should put extra grease in it? Instructions doesn't mention that.




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