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Let's bring everyone up to date on what we are doing at ChumpCast Live!

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Paulie and I have been hard at work getting ready for the 2017 Road Atlanta race. We are trying to make the whole live video experience easier to follow, and easier to find.
Let's start out with the website.


You can easily get to the site by typing in chumpcar.com/live


So we have the video mix that will be sent to this page. Paul and I are going to be doing the play by play live on this channel. 

This page is still being developed. I have added a few pop-up windows that show the race entries, and the race supps. On mobile these take up a whole screen. On desktops they work fine in smaller scrollable windows. I would like you to test them out on your normal devices at home please. Let me know if stuff is displaying weird, or do not work properly. I develop on a Mac, so sometimes my code does weird stuff on older browsers. 


Some of the changes the developers at RaceCast.me will be adding to our feed will be the ability to change the feed resolution. Right now it is being broadcast only at 720. I want the ability to reduce this down to 480 and 240 so that people in limited bandwidth areas will get less buffering, and will help with our bandwidth at the track too. We want a good experience for everyone.  I do want to ask everyone at the track to only use the resolution that allows you to get the info you need. We have a lot of feeds that use the same cell towers as you are using. 


Please, if you are going to try out live feeds and use RaceCast.me, please make certain to join the Road Atlanta race. 


If there are features that you see missing, or something you want added, please let me know. 


And stay tuned, Paulie and I will be doing a pre-race show this week. more later

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 12.30.33 PM.png

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