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It's time.
The Mid-Drive Crisis car has been sitting inside a garage on a trickle charger for over 1 year. (fully serviced!!) 1 full year is my threshold for inactivity of inventory. 1f642.png:)

*As far as I know, this car has won more races consecutively than any other single car/team in the history of Lemons/Chump to date! 
It has been featured in internet articles and printed magazines over and over again.

I will be selling the entire car, support gear and spares as a full team/racing package.
1995 Mitsubishi Mirage ES 1.8L 5sp
It has been stored indoors, in a garage its entire racing career; as have all of the spares.

There are enough spares to completely replace the entire engine/transmission compartment and the suspension at all 4 wheels!!
ALL spares including engine and transmission have been installed, tested and run for at least 50 laps then properly stored and sealed. ALL of them.
The engine is on a custom mobile caddy that allows a swap at the track.
There is a custom spartan lift system that allows track engine and transmission changes with a single floor jack.
ALL 3 transmissions are 100% serviced with NEW synchro rings from Mitsubishi.
+10 matching racing wheels.
The driver's seat is FULLY adjustable (5 seconds) for 4'10" driver up to 6'3" with legs out stretched. (It's a team, right?)
Quick fill fuel system 100% legal that allows +12 gallons filled in just about 35 seconds.
Run Time on full tank is about 2hrs 20minutes at race pace.
This car was engineered, built and prepped by people that have won many many races in other formats. :) 
Plus a whole bunch of other cool stuff... I hate typing.
Those of you that have won these events know that the time, $$$ and especially the prep it takes is substantial.
The results of this car reflect that. 6 consecutive trophies. 5 For first place, 1 for first in class. We "won" the last race too (#7!) by +3-4 laps, but had too many penalty laps from winning the previous races. :)  
PLUS, you REALLY need to drive a race car with the seating and controls in the MIDDLE!!!!

$6500.00 Complete team package... Or best offer after verbal inquiry. (Trophies NOT included!) (Price edited 1/24/17 because I just sold most of the driver suits/helmets/HANS etc)(Price edited 1/26/17 because I just sold the newer data acquisition unit, charger, cables and spare sensors)









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