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Road Atlanta and Eastern Region racers and captains - Read!

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This is from our new Eastern Region registrar Katherine Miller.  Please read it as it will answer a lot of questions, and will make entering your next race really easy. 


Hello Team Captains and Drivers!
It's 2017 and we are finally ready for our first race of the year!  If you have not completed your registration for Road Atlanta, or still owe race fees, please visit the website and complete your entry.  Also a lot of you haven't renewed your membership for 2017, so please visit the website and take care of your annual membership fees.  We have leaped into the future and we will no longer be mailing physical membership cards.  All membership numbers were be electronically emailed to you so that you can keep the information handy on your phone.
We rolled out our new registration system a few races ago, but some of you may be unaware of it.  Our new system makes it easier for you to go in and edit your drivers, fees, and entry information.  Because you have more access to your account, it is nearly impossible for registration to assist you in making changes to your team entry at the track. We apologize for the initial inconvenience, but making these changes will greatly accelerate the check in process. 

Some things that we will no longer do for you: (So the process does not take 30-minutes for each check-in):
1. Add a new team to an event.
2. Add a new driver to the ChumpCar website.
3. Add a new driver to your team roster for the event.
4. Pay your annual Membership Fees.

The good news is that we no longer lock the registration system out a week in advance. You can go into your team entry anytime you want and edit your team and car information as well as make all payments. From here on out, you should NOT come to registration until you have reviewed your team entry and verified that ALL driver and payment information is correct.  We have A LOT of teams signed up for this race and they all want to get through registration as quickly as possible.  So please be courteous and take care of everything online before you come to the registration table.
If you have any issues with credits and payments specifically related to this event's entry, please email michael.chisek@chumpcar.com (I recommend CCing andrea.chisek@chumpcar.com as well), so we can get your payment settled prior to the race weekend.

We are working all the time to improve the quality of our product and your overall Chump experience. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems with your online entry and I will be happy to help you.

Let's go racing!!!
Katherine Miller  


As for membership cards..
Like was said, we are working on a new digital card. These are not ready yet, but will be soon. If you need your member number, please log into the registration system and click EDIT ACCOUNT (see picture below). Your member number will be listed above your name.  Please make certain that all of your drivers and crew have their memberships paid up.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 6.00.24 PM.png

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Any chance of a feature where captains could pay membership dues for their drivers?  Or even a feature to let us see who isn't current?  I'd just roll the membership in with the race costs for drivers who aren't current, then reduce the amount of bugging them that's required leading up to the race.  

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Would be great if we could somehow add a "Manage Your Account" function to the website, some teammates have transfferred chumpchange to me, but I have no way to see this and verify that what they told me they transffered jives with what chumpcar has on record..it's like having a bank account that I can't see the balance of...

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