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Radio help needed


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Are there going to be any radio experts or vendors setup this weekend at Road Atlanta. I am getting tired of fighting with these stupid things but have a lot of money invested so I don't want to just start over. I am having trouble with programming a base station to work with my handhelds and now my push to talk on the wheel works great when wired into my handhelds but if I hook the same ptt to my new 25 watt base station then it keys up once and then drops. I can plug the ptt that came with the base station back into it and it keys up and talks fine. Both came from the same vendor (Rugged Radios) and is supposed to be the correct harness for this radio setup.  Please let me know if you can help. I will be at the track Thursday evening.

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44 minutes ago, Shawn Sampson said:

Wish you would have come to SRC first.


Did they sell you a NASCAR or off road system?  If so, you need a IMSA :( system and all your helmet kits need to be IMSA. A NASCAR helmet kit will not work on a true 4 circuit system and that's what you are running with the mobile radio.


Hope this helps.


Cheers Shawn

Hi Shawn,


Steve's in car system is IMSA {4 conductor}. I drove with him last year at Charlotte.


My helmet kit is NASCAR {3 conductor} but I carry a NASCAR to IMSA adapter. 

We had issues last year with the radios not working.


My understanding was that the 4 conductor wiring uses separate grounds where is NASCAR shares a common ground.

So as long as all grounds are at the same potential {ie. zero} then it should work.



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After talking with the Sampson Guys yesterday I am confident they can fix my issues. I overnighted them my Radios yesterday and they are going to reprogram and possibly rewire my base station to get me working before the race this weekend. I will definitely be giving them my radio business from now on and would recommend anyone else do the same. 


Thanks Sampson!!!!!

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On 1/31/2017 at 8:58 AM, BigMoneyWasters said:

Image result for string and cans


Nascar Style?

I run Nascar and it has worked well for us and have the   IMSA jumper for those I rent seats too.Do it right the first time .  Sampson  has been a great help too.

I love the pic I have a nephew on my calling plan that runs up my data. The last time a saw him I said do remember when kids used cans and string to talk like in old movies !!

I said you run up the date again that is how you will be talking with you friend !! He has never done it again !!


Bob Mann





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