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Hello! I'm Ted Hough, ex-pro driver currently taking a few gap years from racing to go get an education, however, I would love to be involved in a series like Chump-Car to stay sharp and have some fun! Attached to the topic will be a copy of my current racing resume if you're interested in more details or seeing how much experience I have at which tracks. I should also note that all my licenses are current and I have personal equipment ready for racing at a moments notice. (Current and approved Safety gear, HANS device, current spec Suit/Helmet/Gloves/Underwear etc.) 

I would love to do any races, especially in the mid-west (I am located in southern Minnesota, so I am available for races such as BIR and Road America.)

BIR would be a particularly good choice for me, since I earned my competition license at BIR and have more experience there than at any other circuit.

Circuit experience list (Also in PDF): Road America, BIR, VIR, COTA, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Homestead Miami Speedway (Road course), DCTC PDX course. Also experienced on nearly two dozen various Dirt and Asphalt ovals. (More details in available documents)

I hope you have a good day, and look forward to meeting/racing with anybody interested!

2016 Ted Hough race resume April.pdf

2017 Ted Hough non-race resume v2Jan (1).pdf

Edit Note: Video Reals are being edited and posted up now, I have poor internet so they will take a while, but there should be demo reals hosted on my Youtube page within the next 48 hours. Mostly On-board helmet cams from a B-Spec race at Road America, I hope they're too your liking once they're up. 

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59 minutes ago, flyinglizard said:

Post up a couple links to some incar vids.


I will do what I can. Unfortunately I can't really afford many cameras and most of the old footage I have is from a data logger that runs a file type I cannot convert and upload. But I will look through some stuff and try to get a few older races uploaded and shared within the next 24-48 hours for you, if that's acceptable. 

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