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Can someone look up oil spec?

Team Infiniti

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I was trying to find some good data on the CK-4 oils, and the Rotella T4 claims "50% better" than that.The breakdown isn't a switch, more of a time to degrade curve. I haven't been able to find any breakdown curves with temperature. Here is a decent little FAQ on the CK-4.

http://www.mmta.com/image_upload/New API CK 4 and FA 4.pdf


I would agree with takjak2 that 300F is a limit I would enforce. Even then, I would not want that for a 24 hour race. If I were running anywhere near 300F, I would change it every 7 hour race.

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 We may see 260+ under race conditions, I have no baseline from previous engine on this, just trying to stay on the safe side.

 No worries on the degradation at that level over a 14 hour event but keep the info coming, I need knowledge to make a proper decision on race day if things go haywire 

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