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Duplicate team names

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Would like to get some opinions on this. Our car is the Hillbilly Racing Mustang. Last week I was looking at the entry list for Road Atlanta and there was another Hillbilly Racing entry. According to timing and scoring they never made any laps so I don't know what happened to them. My question is do you think chumpcar should allow duplicate team names when the cars are not associated? To me it causes a lot of confusion. Most people when they ask what team you are with I say Hillbilly Racing, and they say yeah, the red Mustang. Also if they wrecked a bunch of cars at RA people would have been saying those guys from Hillbilly Racing are a bunch of a holes. I just think name recognition is important and would like your thoughts. Then again we could change our name to bio hazard or Simon says and brag about all the races we've won. Thanks, Hillbilly 

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They already have permanent numbers at least within a region, which causes its own problems when teams race in another region. Maybe it is time to go nationwide with permanent numbers and registered team names. The difficult part is that some teams change their names or enter different races with a different name, we entered as 3-4 different team names before we settled on the boring first name that we started with.


As a side note to this it would be good to be able to assign a new person to be  the team captain, when we went through it the only way was to start a new team and then move the drivers over to the new team roster. Maybe that is something that they have already fixed with the website.

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