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2017 Sonoma Official

Bill Strong

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The RVA Graphics ChumpCar World Series Presents “3 Days at Sonoma!” Sonoma Raceway (Sonoma, CA)

February 17th, 18th and 19th

Supplemental rules download


Sonoma Raceway website - http://www.sonomaraceway.com/



February 16th 2017

CCWS Facebook Live Coverage thought the day

11:00 am Offsite registration and tech. Location to be determined

5:00 pm Registration closes

4:30 pm Required Novice (or new to ChumpCar) Driver’s School**

6:00 pm Head to the track *Thursday Paddock available until 10pm to park/setup*



February 17th 2017 8:00 am Late Registration, Safety, Tech Inspection!

CCWS Facebook Live Coverage thought the day

9:00 am Track is hot/Test sessions

5:00 pm Checkers out, track cold and Registration closed

5:30 pm Required Novice (or new to ChumpCar) Driver’s School**



February 18th 2017

6:00 am* Gates open

8:00 am Mandatory Driver’s meeting  - https://www.facebook.com/ChumpCarWorldSeries

8:30 am ChumpCast Live! Coverage begins - https://chumpcar.com/live.php

8:45 am Race Cars on Grid

9:00 am Green Flag! Start Endurance Race

5:00 pm Checkered Flag

5:05 pm Podium cars to impound inspection



February 19th 2017

6:00 am* Gates open

8:00 am Mandatory Driver’s meeting - https://www.facebook.com/ChumpCarWorldSeries

8:30 am ChumpCast Live! Coverage begins - https://chumpcar.com/live.php

8:45 am Race Cars on Grid

9:00 am Green Flag! Start Endurance Race

4:00 pm Checkered Flag

4:05 pm Podium cars to impound inspection



Trophies/Purse/Chumpionship Qualification:


$600 - 1st place;

$400 - 2nd place;

$200 - 3rd place


$600 - 1st place;

$400 - 2nd place;  

$200 - 3rd place

*If less than 35 entries, 75% of purse awarded in ChumpChange. (See rules, Section 1.5)

Qualifying for the Chumpionship: See Section 1.8 in the BCR’s posted online: www.chumpcar.com/rules.php

Novice School: Novice school will be held Thursday and Friday night from 4:30pm-5:30pm.

Location outside

Registration booth, Maybe inside, depending on room availability and weather.


Entries for RVA Graphics Sonoma Grand Prix

    Team Name Car # Year Make Model
1.   5150 19 1994 mustang gt
2.   Buff Harder Racing 455 2003 Mercedes C320
3.   Das Idiots 105 1999 Volkswagen Jetta
4.   die Lilium Mannschaft 966 1994 VW Jetta
5.   Dimsun Racing 152 1975 Datsun 280Z
6.   door slammers 95 1994 Mazda Miata
7.   door slammers 195 1994 Mazda Miata
8.   door slammers 96 1988 Pontiac Fiero
9.   Finally Racing 177 1992 BMW 325is
10.   Frasun 72 1997 BMW 328
11.   Heisenberg Racing 125 1993 BMW 325
12.   LSJ Racing 119 2004 Ford Focus
13.   MIATA, P.I. 30 1994 Mazda Miata
14.   Missing Part Racing 247 1988 Ford Mustang 5.0
15.   Mission Motorsport 55 1988 Mazda MX-7
16.   Mo-Ron Racing 334 1995 BMW 325is
17.   No Gray Matter Racing 255 1991 Honda CRX Si
18.   No Ragrets 310 1985 Toyota MR2
19.   On Second Thought 141 1991 Mazda Miata
20.   Open Source Autosport 919 1973 Porsche 914
21.   polish hammer racing 445 2005 Acura RSX
22.   POMONA SPEED SHOP 236 1995 BMW 325is
23.   R Starr 277 1983 Toyota Celica
24.   Race for food 143 1983 Mazda RX7
25.   Roto-Plooker Racing 37 1990 Mazda RX7
26.   S and K Racing 100 1984 Toyota Celica GTS
27.   Silver Fern Racing #1 169   mazda Miata 169
28.   Silver Fern Racing #2 157 1991 Mazda Miata
29.   Smoking Tires 170 1991 Ford Mustang gt
30.   SoCalM Racing 442 1994 BMW 540
31.   Team Dysfunctional Badger 47 1998 BMW M3
32.   team force Majeure 386 1994 MAZDA MIATA
33.   The Flyin Hawaiians & 2 White Guys 82 1973 Datsun 260Z
34.   UBoot Rennenwerks 931 1980 Porsche 931
35.   Uncommon Friends Racing 246 1971 Datsun 240Z
36.   Wilwood 111   Pontiac Fiero
37.   Zoom-Zoom...BOOM 114 1991 MAZDA Miata



Complete registration per ChumpCar Rules Section 6:

Entries & Teams RACE HIGHLIGHTS:

• ChumpCar Friday test and 8 + 7 Format (two separate races each day) 8 hours Saturday and 7 hours Sunday. • Fill out Car Tech Inspection sheet (found online www.chumpcar.com) and get car Tech’d BEFORE coming to Registration on Friday. Questions? Email John Passon, West Region Tech Director john.passon@chumpcar.com

• Bring an approx. 3 x 3-sized photo of your car for your Log Book. (It’s required to pass Tech.)

• Pit spots will be assigned 1 week prior to the event.

• Mark your Pit and Paddock area with your Team #. Use chalk or duct tape or be creative!

• 2017 MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO DRIVE ON TRACK!!! Purchase your membership online: https://www.chumpcar.com/register/main.php

• Registered team drivers, crew & 2017 ChumpCar members are on the Gate List.

• All race car drivers must have a 2017 ChumpCar membership otherwise they will not be allowed on track. Any difficulties, check in with registrar at Race Central.

• Addt’l Crew & Spectators $20 pp. for the weekend.

• Always remember SAFETY! It is paramount to your enjoyment & the success of our series.


Event Supplemental Rules:

Download and read the CCWS BCCR: http://chumpcar.com/rules.php

Reading the rules is required by all CCWS drivers, crew and car builders.

Pit, Paddock and Garage Supplemental Rules:

 SRPP1 – Pit lane spaces will be assigned.

 SRPP2 – No crew members are allowed over the wall until the team car has come to a complete stop in the pit box.

 SRPP3 – The Hot Pit Lane will be the exclusive fueling area. Fueling of race cars shall be completed by use of 5-gallon plastic jugs and funnels, hoses or other fueling adapters as specified in the ChumpCar BCR. Jugs must have sealable lids/caps. Metal fuel drums or other fuel containers and caddies with manual pumps (no electric pumps) and hose lines are allowed to re-fill plastic jugs but are not allowed for re-fueling race cars. All fuel storage must be maintained on the “cold” side of the pit wall or kept within your transporter.

 SRPP4 – All teams shall have one (1) fully-charged 10LB ABC fire extinguisher in their pit area.All teams shall have one (1) 10LB bag of kitty litter or other reasonable absorbent for oil leaks and/or fuel spillage in their pit area. Having a broom handy is also be advisable.

 SRPP5 –Drivers may remain in the car during fueling and driver changes may also be completed. All engines and electrical kill switches must be off during fueling. NO WORK ON ANY CAR SHALL BE COMPLETED DURING REFUELING.

 SRPP6 – All work and/or repairs that can be made to your race cars in under thirty (30) minutes may be executed in the Pit Lane; all repairs requiring more than 30 minutes time must be completed in the Garage Area. A penalty of 1 lap for every five (5) minutes of work in the pit lane that exceeds 30 minutes shall be levied.

 SRPP7 – All team members over the wall during fueling must wear a Nomex driver’s suit, gloves and full-face helmet.

 SRPP8 – Electric, propane or kerosene heaters within the “cold” side of the pit wall are allowed provided all heating elements or flame sources are directed away from any flammable material and are kept a minimum of 20’ from any fuel storage. No open flame stoves or BBQs are allowed in the cold pits.

 SRPP9 – All cars, used or junk parts too big for a normal trash can, empty fuel drums and anything else you brought with you must be taken out with you. If you leave it behind, we’ll track you down… and it won’t be pretty.


ChumpCast Live! : Live Onsite Event – Coverage starts at 8:30am Saturday and Sunday. Visit http://chumpcar.com/live for event info and live video feeds from in-car, pit lane and tower cameras.

Commentary by Paulie Veltium, Arron Lester and in the pit and paddock, Bill Strong.


Race Day Spectators/Dogs:

Guests are welcome to attend Saturday and Sunday’s races and will purchase a weekend pit pass wristband for $20 that provides access to the paddock and track viewing areas (plus in & out privileges). Children 16 and under are free when accompanied by an adult. All teams, drivers, crew, family & friends are required to have a wristband. And all dogs must be on leash at all times in the paddock area. If you have friends that will be regularly attending, it may be cheaper for them to become members as their pit passes are FREE!



And as with all ChumpCar races, absolutely no alcohol during the race…including your guests and spectators (it’s grounds for immediate removal of your car and team from the race and property…period). And glass is never allowed on property.




The raceway food concession stand will be open for the event and it is REALLY good!



The track does allow the use of small BBQs, charcoal or gas. Just remember BBQs must be supervised at all times, a fire extinguisher must be within 15’ of the open flame, and that all open flames are (at a minimum) 30’ from all race cars, fuel storage or other flammable sources.



Pit Vehicles: Pit vehicles are allowed in the paddock (but not anywhere else on track or off pavement), and must obey the 10 mph paddock speed limit. No one under 16 allowed on any ATV, golf cart, motorized bike, or scooter. Any pit vehicle violations will result in penalty laps to the associated team.


Track Walk: People may walk or ride a bicycle on the track after hours with permission from Sonoma Raceway management.


Drones: At no time during the entire weekend (hot track or not), drones of any sort are not allowed to be flown at the track.


Gear Equipment Vendor: The Sonoma Raceway Pro Shop will be open during our event and they are fully stocked however, We highly recommend series sponsor http://www.RacerSafetyOnline.com They offer great starter packages for Chumps.


Living Timing: We will be broadcasting Live Timing via both www.ChumpCar.com; look for the Live Timing button in the upper right-hand corner of the Endurance page. An app for iPhones & Android is available for a small download one-time download fee…called Race Monitor. Learn more at http://www.race-monitor.com/


Camping/RVs: Camping is not allowed thursday. Friday and Saturday night camping in the paddock. Cost $50. Pick up your RV pass at Registration. There are no RV hook-ups or black or gray water dumping. Remember that the Front Gate will close at 10pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. No pit fires, but BBQs are allowed. No excessive noise; quiet time is from 10:00pm – 7:30am.

Teams will need to be off property following the end of Sunday’s race by 7:00pm.


Fuel: Fuel will be available at the track!


Weather: We’re racing regardless of weather. Yes… Enzo you heard it right…


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Hey guys. This weekends guest race commentator will be Doc Waldrop of Brew Crew Racing.  You can catch the broadcast at https://chumpcar.com/live starting Saturday at 8:30am PST.  Catch us if you can!

Brew KREWE. I'm from Nawlins!!! LOL.

Can't wait. I used to go to Sears Point back in the 80s when the Camel GT paid it's annual visit. Of course it's a challenging circuit and one of the favorites of the NASCAR road courses!!!

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How are the track and facilities doing from the recent rain storms?

I have a friend that lives in the Bay Area near Sonoma and they said that the storms have caused damage to some of the public roads in the area but they didn't have any information about the track conditions, any news or issues?

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I am actually really disappointed to miss this. I was anyway because it is Sears Point with only 40 or so cars. But I had a blast racing in the rain at Laguna with Lucky Dog in January. I learned a bunch about car control. I'd love to try it at Sears because I think it will be even more of a challenge. Alas, team owner has business trips and I have to work.


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If you are entered for the race, PLEASE fill this out so we can make the live broadcast the best it can be!!!

--- cut and paste the following into an email and address it to bill.strong@chumpcar.com
In the Subject put - Sonoma
Car Number:
Car Make and Model:
Car year:
Any cool info, like swap info.
Sponsor if you have one :
Driver list, First and Last Name 
If you have your driver stint order sorted, include that.
Anything cool about the drivers, like ex-F1 driver for Ferrari 
Best finish in recent ChumpCar races:
If you have already done so, thank you very much.
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PSA: Route 37 between the 101 and Atherton Avenue is closed because of flooding already. This is the route you would normally take from the hotel to the track. This means it's going to take longer to get to the track from the hotel as you will have to go north on 101 and take Atherton Avenue or surface streets to Olive Avenue > Atherton > 37. Be sure to check road conditions especially if you are towing. 







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