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TBR BMW E36 Race Car for Sale! - Sold!

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BMW E36 Race Car - Sold!

Please help us keep the divorce lawyers at bay!  This race car is too fast for our team.  We’ve won so many races, including a championship, that our houses are overflowing with trophies.  Stop the madness!  We’ve decided to move on to a slower more unreliable car.  We need your help.

This car, in its current configuration, raced three times in 2016 getting one First Place and two Second Place finishes.  This car has lived on the podium since it was built back in 2010.  We’re tired of the success and the waiting around in impound while all the other racers packup their gear and get an early start home.  Adding insult to injury, we then have to wait around for the awards ceremony and collect our trophy.  What began as a celebration is now a chore, prompting us to pick a victim to attend the podium ceremony while we pack up.

This BMW is a 1993 chassis with an M50 single vanos engine.  This engine has a fresh top end on a used bottom end.  It ran flawlessly and is ready for more podium action.  This car has seven seasons of development on it with a perfect height and responsiveness.  It’s running nearly new Sachs shocks (stock) and cut stock springs.  The seat is a Cobra and we loved it.  The belts are Schroth and are good for two more seasons.  The car has a fire suppression system and a radio harness complete with push to talk on the steering wheel (Momo quick disconnect steering wheel).  The transmission is rebuilt and has one season on it.  Rebuilt by Drivegear Racing, it’s our gift to you.  The bushings in this car (and engine mounts) have all been replaced over the last couple of seasons.  The rear subframe chassis mounting locations are reinforced.  The RTABS are upgraded to Powerflex bushings.  Car is ready to roll off the trailer and onto a racetrack.  We were going to go to Road America with it and got the car prepped for the race.

This car has won races both in ChumpCar and WRL.  In addition to a championship, it won 3rd in the one and only national ChumpCar Chumpionship in Iowa.  It’s had twenty race weekends to date with over 20 podium finishes.  We’ve got so many Alien and Predator trophies that neighbors look at us funny.

Car is turn key and ready for a team that is looking for a win and all the trappings.  Be prepared for race groupies to start hanging around your paddock area, attractive women angling for some quality time and sheer hatred from the mid pack and back markers (you know who you are).  If you are tired of defending your masculinity driving a Miata, trying to explain that you don’t live in trailer even though you field a Camaro, or bored driving a back marker Subaru/VW/Datsun, this car is for you.   This is a turn key race car with a dialed in suspension and alignment perfected over the last six seasons.  Save $$$ and get a car ready to go.

Buy, race, win.  It’s really that simple.  $9000 and PM me if you are interested.  Car is located in Minnesota and is gorgeous!  It’s been in Grassroots motorsports several times.  Time for driving backyard junk is past!   Step up to the big leagues, ghost that embarrassing Mustang into the woods and make sure you’re ready for the wins and the onslaught of press.  Bottom line, make your racing great again.



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Car is sold!
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Are you even married yet?


And don't you already have one Race car too many?


Most importantly, any open seats? :wub:

It's pretty sad if I would need a divorce lawyer before I was married ;).  I have a couple of cars that need finished.....they can wait...I am only 30



Mark the question x2

It's time to see how the other half lives :P






Are you the purchaser in the pending sale?!

Ohhhh  I wish I could afford it now.



Uh, for reals tyler?


Your car was just getting sorted well!

Can't wait to sort the ol' e30 this year.



I don't think it was Tyler that snagged this one....

Hmmm......could be a joint venture

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