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Kill Switch in MK4 VW

J Mills

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Hey VW Builders,


We're prepping a beat up MK4 Jetta for Chump Car this year and trying to figure out the best way to run the kill switch. It looks like we'll need a 6 post switch to cut both battery and the alternator and wire it to not kill the alternator. I understand the theory, but wanted to know if anyone can offer any words of wisdom having done this. Do you have to just extend the positive cables from both the alternator and battery into the cabin through the firewall to reach the switch or is there somewhere you can pick each up by the fuse box that would work without a huge run of heavy gauge wire?


Any advice would be great, I've googled this a bunch but can't find any specific insights. I have seen a bunch of pics of VWs in races, so hoping someone will help us get out there.




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