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I am new to this whole cheap...ish...racing thing and am looking into both ChumpCar World Series and LeMons racing, but I live in AZ, and most my friends that are willing to drive and join my team still live in CA and I travel for work (Construction), so it makes it hard for everyone to get a decent amount of seat time in the race car, and deciding on a central race to ease traveling costs on everyone also seems like it will be a hassle... so I was wondering are there any race clubs or series that are on the cheaper side like ChumpCar and LeMons that are not endurance races? that a solo or two driver teams can do? any cheap car rally cross or rally series? I am hooked on this ChumpCar World Series but not so sure my mates are and I would like to get all in on racing.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for any and all advice given.


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Spec miata.


Buy a built car for $5000 and then go race like a maniac. 

If your buddies happen to be in town then bring your spec Miata car to a chumpcar/lemons race and do a team thing.


The lemons judges will give you a hard time for not having a jag brittish V12 swapped minivan but who cares.

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19 hours ago, Brick House Racing said:

I'm building a NASA Spec e30 for the same reason.  Don't know about out west but the SE guys are very friendly and supportive and drive clean  I figure around $6000 for the build.  You can buy one for around $9000.   The have around  20 or more in the field each race.

Up here in PNW, PRO-3 (a spec-E30 class) is one of the few classes which regularly posts double-digit car-counts (and I've seen events with upwards of *44* of the things...). I've not spoken to that many of them, but they seem a friendly-enough bunch -- even willing to answer question from a Certifiable Loon. ;)


(And for all the Easterners who wonder why the West hasn't become BMW-dominated: Now you know -- the E30s are all in PRO-3; the Miatas are all SM; and the Neons are all in the 4-pot classes at the local dirt tracks. :) )

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