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I live on the west coast, but have COTA, Watkins Glenn and Daytona on my bucket list of tracks to race at.

I can't afford the time to pull my car 60 hours across the country, but do go to Laguna Seca every year.

So, I'm curious if anyone who has a solid top 30% car that wants to race Laguna Seca but is in a similar position of not being able to tow that far would be interested in a seat swap for a race later this year at Laguna Seca in October. 

My car is a 1995 Mustang that in this year's rules is 490 points (265 RWHP). In 2016 I ran endurance races at 4 different tracks each with 40+ cars and finished 2nd & 3rd at Laguna, 4th and 7th at The Ridge, 10th and 14th at ORP (60 cars) and 4th in the Championship at Thunderhill. (Took the checker flag both days in all four weekends.) I am Obsessive about my preparation and have already registered for the race and reserved a garage so the only reason my car won't be at Laguna Seca is if there is a catastrophic problem in my earlier races that year. If you'd like to run my car first and swap for a 2018 race that is fine as well. I'm sure we could work out some kind of a deposit.

We can talk specifics over PM if you're interested, but if your car has never finished in the top 30% of the field, it probably wouldn't be a fair trade.

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