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Selling all of my personal racing gear

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Sigh. I hate to say it, but I'll no longer be racing. I've had a severe case of spinal stenosis since my early 20's and have given up a couple of hobbies due to this issue. Unfortunately for me, racing is just too brutal on my back. After a single race, it takes me months to get back in good enough shape to not hobble around at the age of 35. So, I'm moving on, but the other idiots on my team will keep fielding the S10.


My bad fortune, may be your good fortune. I bought all of the equipment listed below brand new. All of the equipment has less than 20 hours of seat time on it.


I'm offering all of the pieces individually, but if someone wants to come along and buy all of it, there is a "buy-it-all" price of $650. I paid almost $1,500 for all of this new. If you are looking to get into ChumpCar, this is a deal.


All prices are negotiable.


Paypal only. No "gifting."


You pay shipping above the prices listed. Shipping costs will be whatever it costs me to ship to you from zip 37831 through our local Mailbox store. I'll ship it as cheaply as possible. If you want insurance or to get it faster, we can discuss. I'm pretty easy to get along with.


Here we go:


Bell BR1 Matte black SA2010 helmet, size: Large - $400


Note, it doesn't come with the tinted visor. It will have the original (never used) clear visor.


Also note, it has the quick release hardware for a NecksGen, Sampson Racing Radio helmet kit with mic and ear piece plug with IMSA plug, Sampson radio Challenger ear plugs, Summit Racing helmet carrying bag, and GForce balaclava.


It wouldn't hurt to pull the helmet pads out and give them a wash, but it's a great helmet and is in nearly perfect shape.









G-Force One Piece, 3 later suit, 3-2A/5, size: XL - $175


It has a grease smudge or two. No rips, tears, or frays. Needs a nice dry cleaning. Great suit, super light and comfy. It has never even been sharted in.






Coolshirt, T-shirt style, white, size: XL - $75


I literally wore this shirt less than 30 minutes. Perfect shape. Not even an armpit stain...







AlpineStar Tech 1 Gloves, size: L - $30







GForce Racing Shoes, black, size: 12 - $30


Comes with 2 pair of OMP, FIA rated socks.







OGIO Loader 7600 Gearbag - size: gargantuan - $25



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Yea man, bummer to hear!!! But, your long term health is definitely important, I know a few awesome drivers that had to quit racing due to back surgery or whatnot. Hopefully you will still be around at some of the closer races. 


If you get the itch to be involved and at the track, you could always come out and play crew chief for us. We need some organization and discipline :lol:

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@TacomaJPP sorry to hear about your back and your misfortune.  Let me know if you want to hang out at the track anytime with CYR.  You're more than always welcome.  Good luck with the sale.  I will share with people that I know.

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Can you please email me a price for the cool shirt, the gloves, and the socks to aj350925@gmail.com?


Sorry to hear about your back problems, that really stinks. Do you plan on still being part of the thr3ve team?

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I switched to that helmet same helmet last year, love the forced air. I used to drive with my visor up to stay cool and then I saw what can happen in a car fire (http://www.sopwithmotorsports.com/trapped-burning-race-car-part-v-one-year-later/), plus no visor fogging and less exhaust fumes. I would put it one step below the coolshirt in the "now that I've tried it, I won't go back" category.

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