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WTB: Turn-Key (or close to) Chumpcar [MN]

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Hey All,


As the title would suggest, I am in search of a car to compete in some ChumpCar events nearby (hopefully) this season.  I am running a new team to get my father some seat-time, and I have a myriad of other projects on hand so I don't have time to build, break, and properly sort a chassis from scratch.  So, as much as I don't like it, I think it's a much wiser choice to buy something ready to roll.  My preference would be RWD, E30, E36, fox-body, Datsun, 2002's, etc..  I would rather not do a rotary at this time as I can throw that in the BTDT category and don't need that in my life right now!    I am located in MInnesota, but will travel basically within a 500-600 radius for the right vehicle.  Sub $10k preferably.


Serious buyer, cash in hand, new on this forum though.


Fastest way to reach me is email PWBmotorsport@gmail.com




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A buddy of mine may sell his 1993 Camaro.  LT1/T56.  It's really fast but has had a couple of reliability issues related to fuel pickup. I'm guessing he'll want a little over $10k for it but he probably has twice that in it.  The car is in Lakeville.


email me at allemay@yahoo.com

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Pending a deal on an E36 through this ad!  Will update if it goes through or not!  Thanks all! 



In the the meantime I have responded to a emails, if anyone has a car I may be interested, please forward it to me in case things don't work out for the other one!

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