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88 Mazda RX7 GXL Partial Build - Never Raced

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Got around $2500 in it and would like to break even but...


I bought this a couple years ago with the intention of racing in the ChumpCar series but ran out of time to work on it having young children. I did all the work you see below and took it to one track day up in Michigan at the Gingerman road course. I drove it 3 hours up there and ran it all day with no problems and then drove it all the way home. It was great in the corners and the brakes worked awesome. It's pretty quick and there's a lot you can do to make the 13b motor even more powerful. Smooth all the way up to 7,000 RPM!

Nitto NT05 tires with only one track day on them
No interior except for driver/passenger seat and gauge cluster 
No door glass
Brand new coilovers and camber plate 
Adjustable camber rod in rear 
Comes with full cage legal for 24hrs of Lemons or Chump 
Comes with a brand new never installed racing seat 
Has the stock big brake set up 
Hawk Blue blue pads with only one track day on them
Transmission shifts great and has all gears 
Motor runs great 
Clutch grabs great 
Exhaust is straight pipe so it's a bit loud (nice rappy sound)
New racing steering wheel installed 
New brake lines, master cyl, slave cyl, clutch master
New fuel lines 
New racing fluids all around, engine oil, transmission, rear gear and brakes
Stock limited slip differential
K&N filter in stock cold air system. 
No power steering (removed to save weight) 
Floor has some rust but overall very rigid. Rusted through in one spot where water was allowed to sit when outside for a while. Frame is solid. 
Moon roof has been removed but comes with it. 
Flip up lights work and all signals, wipers etc..
It's plated and road legal











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1 hour ago, CHUMPWANNABE said:



Is this Chuck? I think I recall either working a race with you at Gingerman, or running that same track day back in Fall of 2014...

We talked about having me do the cage for you.

Good car from what I recall seeing of it.

As far as being a Chumpwannabe - Don't rule out working more races, and putting those credits toward seat rental with a team.

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No not Chuck.  It's Will Furlong.  It's SOLD by the way.  Yes it is a good car.  Wish I had the time to put the aluminum V8 in it like I planned.  Would have beat up on some $100K+ cars at the track days.  


I believe you ran the track day with me in the Fall of 14'

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^^^Sorry Will - my mistake (and my progressively failing memory...)

I do recall seeing your car, I just couldn't remember which time it was at Gingerman.

Congrats on selling the car (I think :(). Hope you got a good price for it, and best wishes with your kids and family.


As I mentioned, don't rule out coming to some races and either volunteering to work with a team, or for the series. I have found both to be very fulfilling while I was slowly building my car. If you work for the series, you can earn enough credit $$$ in 2-4 races that could be used to buy seat time with a current team. Don't give up! Best of luck, hope to see you again!!

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