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FS: Race ready 93 (S13) NIssan 240sx. Long Island, NY

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Hey all,


The time has come to unload our beloved S13 240sx (KA24DE engine) enduro car that is basically race ready to focus on a new build.  *Pics and price below*


This chassis actually hasn't raced much; 3 races to be exact with a couple of HPDE's in between.  It's our second S13 as the first one was wrecked and we transferred the roll cage to this chassis (see google drive link below).  We won overall in this car at the New Hampshire LeMons race in 10/2015 (first 240sx to win overall in Lemons).  The car is very well tooled with spares and well setup.   


Following that race we prepped the car to run in AER at Watkins Glen (4/2016) with a new garage paint job and some fancier bits.  Unfortunately, the KA spun a rod bearing on practice day after 70+ hours of track time. We managed to find a good KA on Craigslist a couple hours away, swapped important parts from the blown engine, threw it in and managed to finish the weekend with a full day of racing (8 hours) on Sunday.


That engine is still in the car.  It's sweating a bit from the seals and needs a refresh (gaskets, seals; compression is good), but runs well.  We may or may not refresh it and give it a once over prior to sale depending on what a potential buyer wants.  Here's some laps from Watkins Glen on said engine:



With that said, the car is very well setup, super easy and predictable to drive and is basically ready to roll.  Every single part has been touched and addressed if required. How it stacks up in ChumpCar now with the new rules I'm not sure, but there are spares to easily bring it to a level that you may want.  Car is setup for taller drivers and will come with all required safety items to pass tech.  This car has passed tech in ChumpCar, 24 HOL, and AER in its current configuration and dates are all good to go. 


Here are some build pictures for this chassis:



List where I'll probably forget some stuff:



-Roll Cage Components 1.75" OD x 0.095" Wall DOM roll cage with NASCAR door bars on both sides

-Momo Daytona XL Halo Seat

-Scroth 6 Point harness

-4 Liter Multi-Flo Steel Mechanical AFFF Fire System

-Window Net

-SFI Roll Cage padding

-NRG quick release steering wheel hub


-Ground Control Coil Over Sleeves, 450 lbs/in front, 350 lbs/in rear

-Koni yellow struts/shocks.  Front strut housings modifed for increased bump travel

-ebay 30mm front sway bar

-stock rear sway bar

-solid rear subframe mounts

-Properly depowered steering rack (removed hydraulic piston and greased)

-slotted strut towers (easily get -4* camber) 

-high strength extended wheel studs

-muteki SR48 forged steel lug nuts

-5x114.3 hubs

-15x8 +20 offset Rota Grids. 4 with 225/45 RS3v2's used 10 hours, 4 with brand new 225/45 RS3v2's 


-Z32 300zx TT front (30mm thick) and rear brakes (no ebrake)

-Z32 brake master cylinder

-Hawk DTC-60 front, HT-10 rear (decent life left)

-Stainless steel brake lines

-3" brake ducting to front brakes

-LED trailer brake lights 


-KA24DE engine

-stock 5 speed transmission (1/2 Redline LTW shockproof, 1/2 Redline MT90)

-OEM viscous LSD with stock final drive (4.083)

-unknown LTW flywheel 

-OEM Exedy Clutch

-Ishihara Johnson windage tray and crank scraper (not in current engine)

-eBay intake

-Stock exhaust manifold mated to 3" exhaust

-eBay Aluminum radiator

-16" SPAL electric fan

-Power steering delete


-Odyssey PC680 battery

-Prosport Gauges wired to LED alarm lights in front of driver (oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, voltage)

-Switch panel with quality switches and push button start

-Master battery cutoff switch with alternator protection (pegasusautoracing part # 4430)

-Modified fuel filler neck for fast fuel fill (can fit Hunsaker fill tube diameter)

-OEM glass windshield

-OEM rear hatch glass

-Heat shielding on underbody from driver's feet to ass.

-Wrapped exhaust from "downpipe" to mid-section

-Nissan Data Scan II license to connect to ECU to monitor vitals



-differential (not LSD)


-rear subframe

-front subrame

-depowered steering rack

-brake booster

-Z32 front caliper

-Z32 front caliper rebuild kits

-KYB GR2 shocks

-unknown OE style lowering springs (140 lbs/in, 195 lbs/in, measured)

-modified 09 WRX front springs (260 lbs/in, measured)

-long tube headers

-front hubs

-front wheel bearings

-ignition coils

-power transistors

-spark plug wires

-a bunch of front and rear suspension links

-fuel tank

-OEM clutch kit (used, but good)

-(2) KA24DE exhaust camshafts


-Intake manifold

-KA engine block (spun bearing one at Watkins)

-KA24DE cylinder head

-custom baffled extra capacity oil pan (6qts+)

-Extra Redline MT-90 transmission fluid


How it currently sits:










Chump/LeMons Trim:






Asking $6000.  


Car is located on Long Island, NY about 1.5 hours east of NYC.  Will consider meeting for the right buyer.


I will also consider a la carting the package to an extent if that will make a sale go through.  


Please text/call sixthreeonesixeightzeroninefouronesix for best communication if serious.


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