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September Sebring Race

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Noticed your post.. I believe you were seeking a car. I have a 1995 Miata 1.8 that will be doing Sebring in September. My son and I are seeking 2-3 drivers. Still working on driver fee, but it looks like it will be under $1,000 per driver if we need to get Pit help, the fee could increase by $150 each.  Car is set up to handle taller drivers. I am 6' and have a few inches to spare. Please feel free to contact me at Shelbygs@aol.com if you have an interest.

The Miata is about a 515 point car. It has a spec miata suspension; race capture system for car to pit information; PTT radio.

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I just reviewed the 2017 rules  With the spec suspension, the aluminum rad; and realized the engine change resulted in a header.. The points appear to add up to about 600.. Ouch!.. Looks like I'll be driving for fun.. cause winning appears to be a long shot... lol

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 Remove the bars and adjusters. Replace with spacers on the Billys.  Coleman makes a spacer that fits the Bilstein and you can add a tube spacer above the C cclip .  This should get you under 500 .  Shox and springs are free ,

  The car came with the 1.8, what engine is ion it now/?

 Send them to me if you want.

  I can set them up for about 250 /4  

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