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Custom Firesuit / Jackets

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So, in the future I'm going to be in need of a new two piece suit...  while I like to find something from race image, their mostly ford collection doesn't really excite me right now since I'm building a chevy...


I've always wanted to get my own jacket made with my logo and colors and just use plain pants that I can replace when the bottom of the legs get torn, so where or how do you guys go about doing that?  Do you just call up Simpson or Impact, Sparco and send them a logo or are there retailers that do this?

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We've gotten most of our stuff at Simpson since it's local. The "last season" discount rack is really nice. We got a tour while they were installing anchors in our helmets, and we walked through the whole suit-making process. The woman told us that they can do essentially whatever we dream up. So I'm not sure if that's going to be your cheapest option, but I think it would be pretty simple to email them an image and get a jacket back in the mail.

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For custom work go to Trackside Tim in SC. His seamstress Dixie has been sewing fire suites for longer than many around here have been alive. We got really nice full custom fit suites that were 100% Nomex with custom embroidery for just over $400 each. The fit was perfect and the quality is quite good.






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