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Another non-winning ChumpCar for sale, LOTS of expensive goodies on the cheap.

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Trying to find a pic on my work computer, will upload one later.  Asking $3000, which I understand, is very high for a Chump, but when you get the parts description, you could send the thing to the crusher and still make out like a bandit.  Spend a few hundred bucks and make this the fastest EC thing on the grid, or strip off all the expensive parts and make another Chump on the cheap.  Really.  This car has humongous potential, but mostly gave us misery.  We aren't ChumpCar racing anymore, and this car isn't competitive in the other series.  The expensive stuff got put on to try to stay competitive in the other series.  Didn't work.  It wore me out and I don't have the energy or time to strip it for parts.  It's also one of the coolest looking cars on the grid.  It's kinda PURTY! 


Started out life as a quite respectable 1987 Porsche 924S.  For the non-Porschephiles, the 924S is basically a 944 with a smaller, lighter body.  It is NOT a 924.  I drove it to work for a month before stripping it and making it into a ChumpCar.  Didn't have a scratch on it until it became a race car.  And only got a few beauty marks doing that.  It then proved to be a purebred Porsche and blew the freshly rebuilt motor 7 hours into the first race.  We swapped in an iron-block LM7 (LS3) truck motor from a 2002 Chevy Suburban.  Because 30 year-old Porsche motors + endurance racing = misery.  For us anyway.  Very cheap motor from a CCWS standpoint because of the iron block, and built like a bulletproof tank.  6-bolt mains, could probably use beach sand for oil and not burn it up.  Surprisingly only 100 lbs more than the stock Porsche 4-cylinder boat-anchor, because, well, Porsche.


Legal, tech-cleared cage in CCWS and 2 other series.

$800 Kirkey Full-containment seat

$300 Accusump system with remote filter

Custom dash/guages which got an envious thumbs-up on every grid. 

Stage II SPEC Clutch

Two 5-speed transaxles, one stock, one 944T with a $1400 Quaife LSD.  That one is freshly rebuilt, not in the car.

Legal pull-type fire system. 

Legal Fuelsafe 21 gallon Fuel cell

High-strength custom racing axles, $1200. 

Ground Control Coilover suspension and caster/camber plates, $1400

2 sets of Boxster wheels

Lexan rear hatch, aluminum rear spoiler/fuel quickfill

All new bearings, tie rods, spares as well.

Braided stainless fuel lines, oil lines.

Rare manual 944 steering rack

Manual brakes, Wilwood master cylinder

(No offense intended to my racing sisters, but Porsche, manual brakes and steering...grrr...man-car.)

Lots more stuff I can't remember at the moment.  We spent lots of bucks on this thing, I'm know I could part it out for $6K but as I've mentioned, I'm done with it. 


The bad stuff.  For some reason, after the first few races, we could never make the LS motor run very well.  Poor power (for a V8 in a 2400lb car) and keeps throwing various emissions codes.  Has the stock Suburban ECU with a cloned spare, OBDII port functions appropriately.  Everything sensor-wise is new or replaced except for the harness. The wiring harness is original and has frayed wires, which I highly suspect is the gremlin issue, but I'm sick of it and don't want to screw with it any more.  (Have I mentioned that before?)  The long block has great compression and leakdown, I truly think it's bulletproof.  I swiped the fuel surge tank for the new race car, but it has the stock Porsche fuel pump as well as a $500 in-tank FuelSafe pump as well.  $50 on eBay on a surge tank and that's done.  Either replace the harness, rebuild the harness or put a custom harness on it and I think it would solve all the weird electrical issues.


We want to get rid of this thing, my wife is also sick of it in the driveway.  I have a love/hate relationship with it and would love to see it on the grid again. 


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Sorry, gang.  Been getting my chops busted at work, haven't had time to check back on the forum.  Here's one quick pic.  No, we weren't at COTA, we haven't raced CCWS since Road America last year.  Found some more pics from RA but have to chop them down to upload them.  

Mighty Mouse.jpg

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Sorry again, guys.  Still at work and doing this between things.  And I'll try to go take some up to date pics this afternoon.  The swap was done professionally by Texas Performance Concepts.  Think their website is active and up to date.  They specialize in this and are the best in the country at it.  They've done many dozens.  Surprisingly a very common and easy swap.  The only poor quality thing about this swap is the harness.  It's a junky used black-taped harness because at the time we were still concerned about staying in the spirit and rules of CCWS.  We gave up on that and went EC, but the harness still sucks.  Pretty much the only remaining weakness that we're aware of and haven't replaced.  We did find the weaknesses in the swap.  We broke many axles until we got strong ones. Transaxle is good to way above the power legal in these amateur series', but getting all the torque through there and getting all red-misty with shifts burns up synchros every couple of races--unless you take it easy.  We never could. Transaxle is in the back, for those unfamiliar, which is part of why the swap is so simple and only takes about an hour to yank out. The OEM Porsche 4 banger is enormous and heavy which makes enough room for the V8.  Again, apologize and pics coming asap.  

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So there are some pics.  Sorry, it's filthy, been sitting under a cover since October.  Never got time to paint the newly-fabbed front air dam/skidplate, it's very solidly built to help bounce the front end off of the ground during any farming expeditions.  Also apologize for the soft-beauty lens filter effect, apparently I had a thumbprint on my iphone lens and I'm too lazy to take the cover back off again.  Happy to answer any questions, I'm nothing if not completely honest.  I'll tell you about it warts and all.  Had a blast with the car, but have just moved on to something else.  Needs to be back on the grid.

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