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Stints Available for Daytona with KSR!!!

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Hey everyone! After purchasing another car from here on the site, we now have some open seats for the race next weekend. The 300ZX is currently full, but I do have some drivers who are willing to run in the new (to us) SC300 if somebody really wants to drive the 300ZX.


Our basics are to take care of the car, driver is responsible for damages, driver must wear an SFI neck brace, we have Cool Shirt systems for either car, all cars have containment seats with head halo and FIA rated seat belts, both are on big Hankook RS3s and have excellent brakes to drive them deep into the braking zone, we bring a pit crew to the events so we make all of the regular pit stops well within the 5 minute window, we bring well prepped cars that consistently run up near the front. 


The 300ZX is an EC car, and the SC300 will take a couple of laps for having aftermarket springs in the front (this will be changed after this race to be a zero lap car). 


We will be taking both of these to more events for the rest of this year and into next so if you want to come be a part of a proven team, send me a message!!

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