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FS: 1995 BMW 325is 5spd

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For sale: 1995 BMW 325is 5spd
200k+ miles
$2000 OBO  for everything


$1100 OBO for just car and the spare fuel tank and pump, nothing else.
located smack dab in the middle of wisconsin


Willing to negotiate for certain parts and pieces you want or do not want.

Its been a northern car and a daily driver. Car ran when parked last fall but now will not prime fuel pump. Car will spin and spark but no fuel. Can't hear pump prime when ignition is turned to ON position. Have parts to fix, see list below. Has new electric front pusher fan. Has snow tires on it will less than 300 miles on them. Has typical rear wheel well rust. Paint is ok. Trans shifted well.

photobucket pic link
http://s8.photobucket.com/user/mrslysly/library/for sale

Spare parts:
fuel tank with pump
spare motor and auto trans from 325 parts car
front suspension frame with hubs
steering rack
front sway bar
calipers (on suspension frames)
rear suspension frame
drivers side axle
complete wiring harness for whole car with fuse block and junction block
computers from parts car: dme/pcm/security
steering column
3 extra sets of rims
3 extra sets of tires - 1 new all season set, 2 used summer performance tires

One set is BBS rims and other is BMW OEM rims, third set is unknown make.

(see picture link for extra rims)
master cylinder with booster
front clip parts (not sure what to call them but the pieces that go across the front frame forks and around the kidney grilles)
Bentley service manual
extra front and rear seats
extra body panels and doors from sedan - sell em for extra cash
shell of parts car is already gone.

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22 hours ago, mrslysly said:

Can't hear pump prime when ignition is turned to ON

Pump pooped or ethanol sludge locked, bang on tank yet?


1 hour ago, Mellow Mike said:

pull the fuel relay, put jumper between 30 & 87 , let the pump run 30 sec ,try to start it again.

If this fails with no noise/prime but you can see the the jumper wire spark:


Locate 18ish volt drill battery, Isolate pump wires "rock" the pump back and fro by alternating polarity ;)

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