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Florida Ag inspection - Daytona

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What he said!


I did see a sign that kinda pointed at me that I needed to pull over on my way to Sebring. I think it may have been more weight related. I just kept looking straight ahead and driving straight. no issues.

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One time, back in my karting days, I stopped at one of AG inspection stations on US 301.  I had borrowed my father-in-laws box truck he used for his plant business, so it had commercial numbers and stuff, but was basically one of those yellow moving trucks.  We (me and dad) decided to stop since the truck was commercial and it was late night, no other traffic on the road.  We pull up and there are two women inspectors working at the station.  I stopped at the light, again, no other trucks around, then the light turns green and I pull up to the window.  One officer says whatcya hauling, any produce type stuff? I state we are returning from kart races and we just have our gear in the truck, I borrowed it from my F-I-L and and since we were unsure we wanted to stop and be safe rather than sorry.  The other officer then says, let me see what you have in the back.  Mind you, we had been dirt go kart racing that day, all day, it was midnight, and I had finished 3rd and had protested the first place guy after the second place guy, who had the same engine builder and was a teammate had gotten chunked by the go, no-go on the carb.  So we did look like farmers with all the dirt and grease on us.  I take the key and walk around back and slide open the door, I will never forget the look of disappointment on the officer's face when she saw all three of our karts in the truck, with her ticket book out and ready to give us a big fine.


As we loaded back up and drove away, I told my dad he did a great job keeping his cool.   He asked what I meant and I said, well, you have that watermelon sitting between your legs in the floorboard this whole time and they never caught you...  lol...

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