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Change in 2017 Fuel Cell Rules


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I'm looking at the change in the fuel cell rules for 2017, namely where the 2016 rules stated: For those teams having a STOCK fuel tank of 18-20 gallons, Chumpcar will allow the use of an SFI/FIA certified 22 gallon fuel cell. 


This rule notably absent for 2017, replaced with: Fuel cells shall be limited to the stock, OEM fuel capacity for the make/model of car, plus-or minus (+/-) two (2) gallons.


We have a 19 gallon OEM tank and had initially planned on getting a 22 gallon fuel cell as it is a very common size available (picked one out from JAZ). However, with this new rule I believe we can only go up to a 21 gallon fuel cell which I haven't found yet. Do I need to be looking for a custom fuel cell? Are cars which previously had an 18 and 19 gallon OEM tank banned from using the fuel cells they installed in their car for 2016?


I can look in to getting displacement balls for the tank, but a gallon's worth of balls is significant and I've never had much good come from having a lot of them tied up in the tank. 




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Might take a look at this thread if you haven't seen it.  Also, I found 1 gallon blocks on the internet for 85-100 bucks.  I don't know how cheap JAZ cells are, but a good one from ATI or FuelSafe seems to run around $1,000 depending on the capacity, features, options, etc.  If you're spending that much, another hundred bucks doesn't seem like a big deal.  Or you could go with an 18 or 20 gallon cell since those are both legal...



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The 22gal cells are common in circle track and can be bought on the cheap.  I bought ours used, with complete fill plate and rollover valves for $400.  Although I still have over $1000 into it after replacing the foam, bought new pump, lines and installed it.  I do feel much safer with the cell though, it was worth the cost IMO.


Dimond, we're in the same boat except ours is already installed.  Run the 22gal and put in a displacement block.  Take a pic of the block installed (since that is supposed to count as proof :wacko:).

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I tried to use oil quarts bottles for displacement, and even though I thought I had removed all the decal glue, I plugged my fuel filter and burnt out a pump. At least I think that is what did it. So I pulled the quarts bottles and put in metal quart paint cans from home depot. There were only a few dollars each and come as bare steel, maybe a small barcode sticker to be removed. To displace 1 gallon with 4 quarts cans would be easy, but I have foam to keep things from banging around and I have a lot more than 4 quarts cans in my cell !


All I learnt from this experience, is don't assume a new cell is clean inside and/or don't assume that you can clean all the sticker glue off a plastic oil bottle. The gas will eventually remove it and plug your filter. 

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